Watch RYE House Prokart Racing Series Season 2017

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The RYE House Prokart Racing Series Season 2017 is an exhilarating racing show that features some of the finest amateur drivers in the United Kingdom. The show is a production of Motor Trend OnDemand, a leading platform for automotive shows, and showcases the fierce and competitive nature of kart racing.

The show is set in RYE House, a premier karting venue located in the Hertfordshire countryside. The track at RYE House is a challenging and technical one, featuring many twists and turns that test the skills of even the most experienced drivers. The track is also home to several high-profile racing championships, including the British Superkart Championship and the Rotax Max Challenge.

The RYE House Prokart Racing Series Season 2017 is a six-episode show that covers the highlights of the championship held in 2017. The championship consisted of twelve races, with each race featuring a grid of up to twenty karts. The series comprises six rounds, with two races a day that lasts for 40 minutes each.

The show is hosted by Tom Ingram, a British racing driver and commentator who has competed in a range of racing categories, including the British Touring Car Championship. Ingram provides expert analysis and commentary on each race, breaking down the strategies and tactics of the drivers and offering insights into the technical aspects of kart racing.

The show features interviews with the drivers, who are all amateurs and come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are seasoned karting veterans, while others have only recently taken up the sport. The drivers are all competing for the championship title, and each race is a chance for them to prove their skills and move up the leaderboard.

The races themselves are thrilling, with the karts reaching speeds of up to 60mph on some parts of the track. The drivers jostle for position, slipstreaming and overtaking each other in a bid to gain an advantage. The close proximity of the karts makes for some nail-biting moments, with drivers often just inches away from each other.

The RYE House Prokart Racing Series Season 2017 also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of a karting team. The drivers are not just responsible for their own performance on the track, but also for preparing and maintaining their karts. The show explores the intricate details of the setup of the karts, from tire pressures and alignment to gearing and weight distribution. It also showcases the camaraderie among the drivers and their pit crews, who work together to ensure that their team is performing at its best.

The show is well-produced and features high-quality camera work that captures the action from every angle. The use of onboard cameras and aerial shots adds to the spectacle of the show, and the sound design immerses the viewer in the sound and fury of the karts. The editing is tight and keeps the pace of the show brisk, ensuring that there is never a dull moment.

Overall, the RYE House Prokart Racing Series Season 2017 is an exciting and engaging show that will appeal to any fan of motorsports. It showcases the athleticism, skill, and determination of the amateur drivers who compete in this challenging sport, and provides an excellent introduction to the world of kart racing. Whether you are a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the sport, this show is guaranteed to get your heart racing.