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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Science Vs. Terrorism is a documentary series that explores the work of scientists as they collaborate with government forces to prevent terrorist attacks on a global scale. The show delves into the science behind terrorism and the advanced technologies used to counter terrorist attempts. The documentary is produced by Curiosity Stream, a global streaming service that brings content in science, technology, history, and other related avenues.

The series takes an in-depth approach to uncover the complexities of the battle against terrorism. In each episode, a team of scientists provides insight into their research work and how it contributes to the fight against terrorism. The series showcases cutting-edge techniques such as augmented reality, drone technology, and AI-based algorithms that help predict terrorist attacks. The documentary also showcases case studies where scientists and other experts have successfully prevented terrorist attacks.

The series has an investigative approach to understanding terrorism as it examines the different types of terrorist attacks, their primary targets, and the methods used to execute them. It details the security protocols put in place to secure people's safety and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in preventing such attacks.

The show is hosted by renowned science correspondent and journalist Julian Rush, whose decades of experience in the field, make him an ideal fit for this kind of programming. He provides a human touch, enabling the viewer to understand the intentions and motives behind science's role in making our environments secure against terrorism.

The show is not only informative, but it is also visually compelling, with eye-catching graphics and animations that help break down complex scientific concepts. The editing helps maintain a fast pace, ensuring the viewer's attention is held through every episode. The series is recommended for anyone interested in the topic of terrorism and the science-based solutions being developed to counter them.

The show's first episode delves into the world of cyberterrorism, highlighting how hackers and other malicious actors could infect computer systems with malware or launch large-scale cyberattacks. Experts explain how they use machine learning to analyze online behavior and identify potential threats. The episode goes on to explore how experts use encryption, secure communication lines, and other cryptographic tools to secure computer systems and digital networks from attacks.

The second episode of the series takes on chemical and biological terrorism. It highlights the different types of chemical and biological weapons that terrorists may use and their potential effects. It goes on to explore how scientists have used virtual reality simulations to study potential chemical attacks and develop methods to combat them.

The third episode of the series deals with how terrorists use explosive devices to inflict damage and terror. The episode explores the advances made in detecting and defusing bombs before they can be used, and how experts analyze test samples to identify the origins of bombs used in previous attacks.

The fourth and final episode of the series covers how steganography, image manipulation and methods such as deepfake can be exploited by terrorists to disseminate propaganda and communicate with each other without detection. The episode goes on to explain the AI methods scientists are developing to identify these kinds of communications and messages which can help law enforcement to stop potential attacks.

In closing, Science vs Terrorism is a fantastic documentary series about the role science plays in the fight against terrorism. The show speaks to the fundamental aspects of science: developing innovative techniques and making meaningful advancements to improve society, protecting individuals and communities through scientific methods in a world where technology continues to change rapidly. The show provides valuable insights into the intersection of technology and anti-terrorism, presenting ideas and innovations that ensure that law enforcement and security agencies remain a step ahead of bad actors.

Science Vs. Terrorism is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (4 episodes). The series first aired on August 29, 2019.

Science Vs. Terrorism
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Soldier of the Future
4. Soldier of the Future
August 29, 2019
The units charged with neutralizing the terrorists have had to update their engagement tactics. They must now act faster and with less intel because they face a battle-hardened well-armed enemy. To help these units, scientists and researchers to develop new equipment to give them the advantage.
Digital Data
3. Digital Data
August 29, 2019
With the advent of digital media and the internet, the global war on terrorism has changed. Extremist groups have used these new tools to increase their ability to strike fear. Computer engineers, security companies and scientists are now working closely with police forces and intelligence services.
2. Robotics
August 29, 2019
International terrorists are willing to die in attacks against civilians and military targets, in response, minimizing the loss of life has become an absolute priority. New technological allies could prove indispensable. Robots: mimicking human senses, detecting threats without being spotted.
Science Vs. Bioterrorism
1. Science Vs. Bioterrorism
August 29, 2019
Nuclear bombs, chemical, and biological agents, their use and development are governed by international conventions. But these unconventional often invisible weapons feed our worst fears and could well mark the advent of a new era of global terrorism.
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Science Vs. Terrorism is available for streaming on the Curiosity Stream website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Science Vs. Terrorism on demand at Max, Amazon Prime and FuboTV.
  • Premiere Date
    August 29, 2019