Super One British Karting Championship

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  • 2017

The Super One British Karting Championship is an exhilarating motorsports competition that showcases the best up and coming kart racing talent in the United Kingdom. This championship features multiple heats, each with their own objectives and challenges, culminating in a nail-biting final race to determine the overall winner.

Motor Trend OnDemand takes viewers on a thrilling journey as they follow the young drivers through each step of the competition. Starting with qualifying rounds, viewers witness the talented kart racers push their specially designed vehicles to the limit in order to gain an optimal starting position in the upcoming races. The drivers must exhibit their exceptional driving skills, each maneuvering their karts at high speeds around tight turns and varied terrain in hopes of securing a pole position.

As the heats begin, tension starts to mount as the drivers jostle for position in the first lap. The Super One British Karting Championship features some of the most talented young racers in the UK, and the competition is fierce. The series features high octane racing packed with thrilling overtakes, close calls, and thrilling moments making for some of the most engaging motorsports content around. Each driver has their own style, and the racing is full of actions and reactions as the drivers adapt to one another's racing styles.

To make things even more exciting, the races often feature unexpected twists and turns, such as sudden downpours, breakage of machinery, and incidents caused by the drivers themselves. The pressure of the competition often leads to high-stress moments for drivers, testing their ability to think under pressure and adapt their strategy to rapidly changing track conditions.

In addition to the excitement on the track, the Super One British Karting Championship boasts a diverse cast of drivers, with a mix of male and female competitors from all walks of life. The high level of diversity gives the championship a unique appeal that is appealing to a varied audience. A racer's gender or age is irrelevant on the track, making the championship considerably more inclusive than other types of motorsports.

The competition isn't just about raw skill, but also testing the limits of a driver's karting knowledge. The racers must contend with tuning their karts to adhere to specific regulations, working seamlessly with engineers and crew members to ensure their vehicles are operating with peak performance.

As the stakes grow higher, the drivers not only compete against each other but also battle for valuable championship points. Throughout the series, viewers are privy to the championship standings, detailing each driver's hard-earned points and positioning in the overall standings. Every point is critical, making each race a crucial determination of which driver will be able to rule the overall championship.

In conclusion, Super One British Karting Championship is a must-watch for those who love motorsports. The series is packed with thrilling races, unexpected twists, and a diverse selection of up-and-coming talent from around the UK. The high octane nature of the championship, combined with the nuanced strategies required to succeed, makes for a riveting viewing experience that is sure to captivate any racing enthusiast. Thanks to Motor Trend OnDemand, viewers can experience every nail-biting moment of the Super One British Karting Championship in high definition.

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2017 Super One British Karting Championship Round 2 Rissington
2. 2017 Super One British Karting Championship Round 2 Rissington
April 9, 2017
The 2017 season of Super One British Karting continues with Round 2 at the Little Rissington Circuit in the Cotswolds area of south central England. Watch as six different classes of competitors, some as young as eight years old, race head-to-head in an event hosted by the Rissington Kart Club.
2017 Super One British Karting Championship Round 1 Cumbria
1. 2017 Super One British Karting Championship Round 1 Cumbria
March 11, 2017
The Cumbria Kart Racing Club hosts the opening round of the 2017 Super One British Karting Championship. Steady rainfall has soaked the track in Rowrah, but the pilots in the IAME Cadet, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, Minimax, Junior Rotax, and Senior Rotax Classes won't let the rain stop them from the fight for the top podium spot. Check out highlights from all six of these classes now.
  • Premiere Date
    March 11, 2017