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  • 2007

The Martha Stewart Show was an American television program that aired on various networks from 2005 to 2012. The show was hosted by the iconic Martha Stewart, who is known for her expertise in cooking, home decor, gardening, and entertaining. Each episode offered a unique blend of lifestyle advice, celebrity interviews, cooking demonstrations, and DIY projects.

The show was originally produced by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and aired on syndicated networks across the United States. It was later picked up by the Hallmark Channel in 2010, where it continued to air until its final episode in 2012. The show was a staple for fans of Martha Stewart, as well as those interested in improving their home and entertaining skills.

Each episode of The Martha Stewart Show began with the famous theme song, "It's A Good Thing," and featured Stewart entering the studio kitchen to begin her show. From there, she would greet the audience and introduce various guests and segments. The show often featured celebrities, including chefs, actors, and musicians, who would join Stewart on set to discuss their latest projects and offer their own advice on a variety of topics.

One of the key components of The Martha Stewart Show was the cooking demonstrations. Stewart is considered an expert in the kitchen and often showcased her own recipes on the show. She would walk viewers step-by-step through the instructions for each dish, offering tips and tricks along the way. Additionally, several episodes featured guest chefs who would demonstrate their own unique concoctions.

The show also highlighted DIY and crafting projects, which appealed to viewers interested in home decor and crafting. Stewart often demonstrated how to create various crafts and home decor items, such as centerpieces, wreaths, and holiday decorations. She also provided tips on organizing and cleaning, which were always popular segments with viewers.

What set The Martha Stewart Show apart from other lifestyle programs was the attention to detail and the emphasis on quality over quantity. Stewart's mantra was to always use the best ingredients and materials, and her show was a reflection of that philosophy. She would often offer advice on where to find the best products, and encouraged viewers to invest in quality items that would last a lifetime.

While The Martha Stewart Show was primarily focused on lifestyle topics, it also tackled current events and social issues. Stewart was not afraid to offer her own opinions on political and social matters, and often featured guests who were making a difference in their communities.

Overall, The Martha Stewart Show was a beloved program that offered viewers a glimpse into the world of Martha Stewart. It showcased her expertise in a number of areas, and offered practical advice and inspiration for viewers interested in improving their own lives. Stewart's passion and enthusiasm for all things related to home and entertaining was contagious, and her show will be remembered as a classic in the world of lifestyle programming.

The Martha Stewart Show
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  • Premiere Date
    November 9, 2007