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  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons

Tourist Trophy is a thrilling, high-octane series that takes viewers on a journey into the world of motorcycle racing. Produced by Motor Trend OnDemand, the show features some of the most exciting and challenging racing events in the world, including the legendary Isle of Man TT races.

The show follows a group of top-level racers as they compete in a variety of races, both on and off-road, with each episode showcasing a different event. From the winding mountain roads of the Isle of Man to the dusty desert terrain of the Baja 1000, Tourist Trophy provides viewers with a front-row seat to some of the most intense and exhilarating moments in motorsport.

One of the standout features of Tourist Trophy is the level of access that the show provides to the racers themselves. Through exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, viewers get an up-close and personal look at the lives and journeys of the men and women who risk everything to compete at the highest level of motorcycle racing.

The series also delves into the technology and engineering behind the racing machines themselves. From cutting-edge aerodynamics and high-tech suspension systems to custom-built engines and sophisticated electronics, Tourist Trophy takes viewers on a deep dive into the world of motorcycle engineering and design.

In addition to the racing itself, Tourist Trophy also explores the culture and community that surrounds motorcycle racing. From the passionate fans who line the roads at every race to the camaraderie and sportsmanship among the racers themselves, the show highlights the deep connections and shared experiences that make motorcycle racing such a unique and compelling sport.

Overall, Tourist Trophy is a must-watch series for anyone who loves motorcycles, racing, or simply appreciates the skill and dedication it takes to compete at the highest level. With its stunning visuals, thrilling action, and engaging storytelling, this show is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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TT Documentary 2007
6. TT Documentary 2007
September 1, 2011
The TT is the world's most famous motorcycle race, renowned since 1907 as the ultimate test of man and machine. For the thousands of fans who travel to the Isle of Man each year it is a pilgrimage to the shrine of motorcycling. This documentary captures the spirit and character that surrounds the festival through the eyes of those involved in it.
TT 2000 Long Review
1. TT 2000 Long Review
September 1, 2011
Stunning action, excitement, drama and controversy - TT 2000 had it all. This is some of the gutsiest racing ever seen on the Mountain Circuit including the awesome hat tricks scored by Joey Dunlop and David Jefferies and the first ever 125mph lap!
  • Premiere Date
    September 7, 2015