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  • 2016
  • 11 Seasons

Ultimate Adventure Week is an action-packed motoring show produced by Motor Trend OnDemand that captures the adrenaline-fueled journey of four-wheel enthusiasts as they undertake a grueling off-road expedition across some of the most challenging terrains in America.

The show follows the adventures of an elite group of expert off-roaders, led by off-road racer and industry personality, Trent McGee. The team comprises some of the most experienced drivers and expert mechanics in the industry as they set off on a week-long adventure through some of the most treacherous high-country trails in the U.S. These off-road enthusiasts come together with one common goal - to push not only their vehicles to the limit but also themselves as they take on the challenges that these rugged trails throw their way.

Through a series of thrilling episodes that run across the week, viewers are treated to an all-encompassing motoring experience that combines intense four-wheel action with in-depth insights into the technical nitty-gritty that drives these machines. The show provides an up-close look at what goes into building a top of the line off-road vehicle, its capabilities, and modifications required to tackle the toughest of terrains.

The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the dramatic off-road action that unfolds in each episode. From steep inclines, rugged terrain, and fast-flowing streams to hairpin curves, everything is captured in stunning detail, giving viewers a front-row seat to the action. The vehicles navigate across treacherous terrain as the driver's skills are put to the test. With each episode, the excitement level only goes higher, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The show also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation needed to undertake such a journey. Equipment and machines are put through their paces, seasoned mechanics make trail-side modifications, and the team comes together to ensure that everything is in top shape to take on the unknown challenges that await them.

Through Ultimate Adventure Week, viewers share the journey of the team as they contend with the rugged terrain, rocky outcrops, and unpredictable weather to reach their destination. The show stays true to its roots by taking viewers to remote locations that can only be accessed by four-wheelers, further adding to the allure of the show.

In addition to the action and excitement, Ultimate Adventure Week also offers viewers an insight into the culture of off-roading, the camaraderie shared by the off-roading community, and the dedication needed to undertake such an adventure. The show goes beyond the machines and focuses on the passion and spirit that drives the off-road community.

In conclusion, Ultimate Adventure Week is the ultimate off-road adventure TV show that combines breath-taking action, technical precision, and compelling storytelling. From the stunning high-country trails of the U.S. to rugged coastlines, the show captures the essence and spirit of the off-road community. It's a must-watch for anyone with a passion for off-roading, and even for those who have no prior interest, it is an enthralling and captivating journey that won't disappoint!

Ultimate Adventure Week is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 2016.

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Kentucky Fried 4x4s
5. Kentucky Fried 4x4s
November 20, 2023
The last trail day of Ultimate Adventure 2023 is here, and it's time to let it all hang out on one of Kentucky's most challenging trail systems, Hollerwood Offroad Adventure Park, where the obstacles are big and stacked one right after the other.
Four-Wheel Feuding
4. Four-Wheel Feuding
November 20, 2023
West Virginia wheeling is on an entirely different level, and that state's Hatfield-McCoy Trails system is the jewel in the state's off-road crown. UA 2023 continues with some of the best terrain it's ever visited, with equal amounts of high jinks and fun
RIP to UA Road Days
3. RIP to UA Road Days
November 25, 2023
Christian and Trent have thrown UA's "trail day-road day" formula out the window, and when you see the crazy trail and insane terrain from this "road day" through West Virginia, you'll understand Ultimate Adventure 2023 is on a whole different level now.
WV Style High RPM Rockcrawling
2. WV Style High RPM Rockcrawling
November 20, 2023
For this episode in Canvas, West Virginia, the group got to leave their camps set up and hit the trails without the extra baggage. Given the unbelievable snot-slick surface of this upper-lever off-road park, it's a good thing they weren't weighted down.
2023 Episode 1
1. 2023 Episode 1
November 20, 2023
Welcome to Ultimate Adventure 2023, the best-known and most revered off-road adventure trip in the world. This year, UA2023 kicks off the biggest, baddest trip in its 24-year history at Rock Run Recreation Area in Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
Where to Watch Ultimate Adventure Week
Ultimate Adventure Week is available for streaming on the Motor Trend OnDemand website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ultimate Adventure Week on demand at Max, Discovery+ and Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    July 5, 2016