WWE: Straight To The Top: The Money In The Bank Ladder Match Anthology

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World Wrestling Entertainment has created a lot of special types of matches over the years. The leading company in sports entertainment always seems to find a way to up the ante. They have certainly done that again with WWE: Straight To The Top: The Money In The Bank Ladder Match Anthology.

Each Money in the Bank Ladder Match has as many as eight different WWE Superstars battling each other in an attempt to retrieve a briefcase that is hanging high above the ring. The winner of the match is the competitor who can climb a ladder and retrieve the case which contains a contract for a Championship title match.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
April 3, 2005
WWE: Straight To The Top: The Money In The Bank Ladder Match Anthology

WWE: Straight To The Top: The Money In The Bank Ladder Match Anthology Full Episode Guide

  • Former Mr Money in the Bank Rob Van Dam competes in his first WWE match in six years. But even in the ECW haven of Philadelphia, its an uphill climb for RVD as two time winner CM Punk and four other top Superstars all battle for the most coveted contract in sports entertainment.

  • The tradition continues as a new generation brings innovative tactics to the Money in the Bank contest. With The Shield lurking the arena, will the devious Dean Ambrose have the inside track to the briefcase? Or will "Real Americans" Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro succeed with their own strength in numbers?

  • In an All-Stars spectacular, five former World Champions have the opportunity to get in prime position to take back the gold. For the first time ever, the most popular Superstar of the modern era, John Cena, enters Money in the Bank.

  • Eight WWE Superstars get a golden opportunity to grab their first ever briefcase. Christian brings over a decade of Ladder Match prowess to the contest, but will it be enough to match the youthful exuberance of Sin Cara, Dolph Ziggler and others. Also, the brutal Tensai appears in Money in the Bank for the first time.

  • Eight of the WWE's greatest athletes battle for the red Raw briefcase. One of the greatest high flyers in history, Rey Mysterio, makes his Money in the Bank debut along with fellow Mexican Alberto Del Rio. The Miz tries to become the first man to win in back-to-back years since CM Punk.

  • SmackDown's top performers look for the inside track to the World Heavyweight Championship. As the only previous winner, would the Big Red Monster Kane have an advantage, or would he be a target for the other seven Superstars?

  • The Raw version of Money in the Bank 2010 featured the original Mr Money in the Bank, Edge, as well as the original brains behind the match, Chris Jericho. But on this night, the WWE Universe would witness the awesome first victory of the year's breakthrough Superstar.

  • An unprecedented ten Superstars vie for the coveted briefcase in the biggest Money in the Bank Ladder Match of all time. With a mixture of experienced and first time competitors, the action in sunny Arizona is as unpredictable as it is thrilling.

  • At the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania in Houston, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match proved that everything truly is bigger in Texas. Kofi Kingston displays freakish athleticism. Big men Kane and Mark Henry make their presence felt. And WWE crowns its first repeat Mr. Money in the Bank.

  • The fourth annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match was one of the most action-packed of all time. John Morrison brings the crowd to his feet with a stunt you need to see to believe, and a surprise appearance from a familiar foe costs MVP the briefcase.

  • WrestleMania returns to Detroit for the 20th Anniversary of WrestleMania 3, and Money in the Bank kicks off the festivities. With the dynamic daredevil Jeff Hardy in the match for the first time with his brother Matt, and with Hornswoggle lurking around the ring, chaos is sure to ensue.

  • After the thrills at WrestleMania 21, WWE had to bring Money in the Bank back for an encore at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago. Veterans Ric Flair and Finlay joined the fray along with Ladder Match extraordinaire Matt Hardy. Shelton Benjamin thrills as the only holdover from the match at WrestleMania 21.

  • The first of its kind, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 21 featured the match's innovator, Chris Jericho, as well as two competitors who built their careers together in Tag Team Ladder Matches - Edge & Christian. Shelton Benjamin wowed the audience with his hands-free charge to the top of the ladder, but who would be the first Mr. Money in the Bank?