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| | 1 hr 58 min | Drama, Romance, Foreign

Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual in a Promo Picture for Love Me Again (Land Down Under). Arah (Angel Locsin) dreams of a better lifedifferent from the life she knows in Bukidnon. Ranches everywhere are closing one by one. The glory her hometown once knew was slowly disappearing in favour of life abroad, particularly in Australia. Arah believes this too. Australia will save them from poverty. But Migo (Piolo Pascual) does not share this belief. He believes that Bukidnons glory will return if only people didnt leave. Migo is Arahs first love. When Arahs father suddenly encounters an accident, Arah is left with no choice but to seek better opportunities to earn money. Arah, in desperation accepts money from the Australian rancher Brian in exchange for a contract. Her decision breaks Migos heart. The two part ways, their problems unresolved. With the help of her co-workers, especially her new found frined, Ina (a Filipina working there as a cook), Arah slowly adjusted to the life in Australia. She is willing to hold her ground and tough it up along with the boys just to fulfill her dreams for herself and her family. It was this determination that caught the attention of the cold and mysterious Brian. Meanwhile, Migo was experiencing his own wave of reality. Bukidnon is not what it used to be. And fighting to keep a ranch alive and working is something he cannot do without enough experience. Despite his enthusiasm and hard work, his investments crumble slowly until he is left with nothing but a humbling realizationthere is money in Australia, but his dreams shouldnt really end there. Migo decides to give the land down under a try. With fierce hopes of earning back what he lost, he flies to Australia, to the land where his beloved Arah went when she left him for her dreams. Suddenly, Migos presence at the ranch is making Arah suspicious. Its been yearswhy is he suddenly there? But destiny has other plans for the two. By a simple twist of fate, the two are thrown together on an errand. The close proximity forces the two to confront their past. And undeniably, their feelings for each other resurface. Will Arah let Migo in her heart again or will she let him go completely for the sake of Brian and her family? And will Migo find the courage to fight for her or learn to accept that he has lost her forever?

Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual
Rory B. Quintos
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Love Me Again
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