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Camp Sasquatch is welcoming a new batch of juveniles for summer camp. This time, the camp is in danger of closing because of Coach Giddy's (Richard Mulligan) poor management. The entire camp is in danger of being purchased by the rival Camp Patton, led by Colonel “Bat” Jack Hershey (Hamilton Camp). Fortunately, this years campers are fond of delinquent behavior and raucous good times. Added in the mix is an earth-bound alien, Jamie (voiced by Archie Hahn). The campers discover a love for each other and plan a series of strategies that will keep the camp from being sold and converted into expanded boot camp grounds. Plenty of action and teen-centered fun pits camper-against-camper, and highlights what driven youth will do when their favorite hang-outs are in danger of being converted to barracks.

| | 1 hr 35 min
Archie Hahn III, John Mengatti, Tammy Taylor, Paul Reubens, Kim Richards
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Ken Wiederhorn
Meatballs Part II

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