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| | 1 hr 38 min | Drama, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Suspense

An Overview of One of The Most Thrilling Movies of All Time: Reservoir Dogs - 1992 Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino is a provocative and timeless movie that is both controversial and spellbinding. Reservoir Dogs takes place in Los Angeles where an all star cast of criminals experience a botched attempt to heist a bank. It is a crime movie with tinges of film-noir and new wave cinema. Tarantino casted a ring of stars such as Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madden, Chris Penn, Lawrence Tierney and Steve Buscemi. The film was to become an underground and cult hit amidst the independent film circles. It is still revered as one of the most powerful film for independent cinema in the nineties.

Reservoir Dogs is the debut feature film by Quentin Tarantino who went on to become a successful Hollywood movie director, critically acclaimed and internationally regarded for films such as Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Bastards. However, upon release Reservoir Dogs was not a huge financial success, according to box office records and was more popular overseas in England than it was in the United States. The most interesting aspect of how Reservoir Dogs got made is worth telling. Quentin Tarantino was working at a video store in California when Harvey Keitel discovered the script and agreed to finance the film by co-producing. Tarantino has said that Reservoir Dogs was loosely inspired by Stanley Kubrick's The Killing film.

In addition, the story plot which features a ring of criminals, known only by colors for names, shortly becomes a tragic film with a captivating ending. The violence and cinematography has been compared to Jean Luc-Godard's French New Wave cinema style as well as some film noir giants like Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston. Reservoir Dogs has become one of the most widely celebrated films in independent cinema.

Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi
Quentin Tarantino
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