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"Life isn't about believing in dreams... it's about living them."
  • PG-13
  • 1998
  • 1 hr 46 min
  • 6.4  (2,134)

Finding Graceland is a 1998 drama that showcases the story of Byron Gruman, a heartbroken man who is obsessed with Elvis Presley, played by Harvey Keitel. Gruman is a carpenter from Brooklyn who had lost his wife and daughter in a plane accident. His life is empty, and he seeks solace in the music of the King of Rock and Roll. Gruman is the typical Elvis impersonator who spends his days performing on the streets of New York.

Gruman is convinced that Elvis is still alive and intends to find him. He packs his bags and sets out on a journey to find Elvis. Along the way, he meets a hitchhiker named Ashley, played by Bridget Fonda, who is down on her luck. The two makes an unlikely pair, and their journey starts with high hopes.

The story is set in 1986, almost a decade after Elvis's death. The film takes place around the time of the anniversary of Presley's death, and as Gruman journeys to Memphis, he is hopeful of finding the King alive. Gruman is convinced that Elvis faked his death and is living under an assumed identity. He meets various people on his journey who claim to have seen Elvis and are eager to share their story.

Gruman's journey takes him to the famous Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. He is fascinated by the mansion and its history. He spends his days waiting outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of Elvis.

In Memphis, Gruman meets a young musician, Miles, played by Johnathon Schaech, who performs at a local bar. Gruman is convinced that Miles is Elvis in disguise. Miles is a talented musician who shares Gruman's love for Elvis. The two become friends, and Gruman starts to think that he may have found the King.

Despite Gruman's beliefs, it is evident that he struggles with his relationship with Elvis. He finds himself at odds with the King's past, particularly with his issues of drugs, women, and fame. There is also a skepticism in Miles that confirms that his friend's obsession is rather absurd. However, he finds solace in the music and the possibility of finding something to hold onto in the wake of his tragic loss.

The movie mixes themes of music, loss, grief, and self-discovery in a unique way. It's a character study of a man who goes on a journey to find hope and fulfill his craving for purpose in life.

Finding Graceland is a touching and heartfelt film filled with great music and a strong cast. Harvey Keitel's performance is brilliant in his portrayal of Gruman. Although a bit unhinged, his obsession with Elvis is the driving force of the story that keeps the audience enraptured till the end. Bridget Fonda is excellent as Ashley, who is a perfect foil for Gruman. Johnathon Schaech delivers a solid performance as Miles, who has a story of his own.

The movie also features great music and nostalgia, particularly for Elvis fans. The soundtrack captures the essence of Elvis, and the shots of Graceland give viewers a glimpse of the magic that still surrounds the King.

In conclusion, Finding Graceland may not be a masterpiece, but it is still an interesting and engrossing movie that is worth watching. The film explores themes of loss, grief and the search for purpose along with the beauty of music that can bridge broken people. Gruman's journey to find Elvis is a touching tribute to the King of Rock and Roll that will leave you feeling nostalgic long after the final credits have rolled.

Finding Graceland
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