1 Night in Paris

1 Night in Paris is stars Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is an American heiress, singer, DJ, actress, model, business woman, fashion designer, and television personality. Paris Hilton is a celebrity. 1 Night in Paris is a pornographic video. It shows Paris Hilton having sexual intercourse. Most of the film is done in night vision. Some of the film is done without night vision. Paris Hilton did not approve the release of the video. It also shows Paris talking on the phone. It is a very revealing film. It is a higher quality pornographic film. The film got AVN Awards. The awards were for best selling title of the year, and best renting title of the year. This is a movie that is for adult audiences only.

2004 | 1 hr 2 min | 4.7/10
1 Night in Paris