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The World According to Paris is a reality show that follows Paris Hilton as she struggles to balance Hollywood with her real life. The show reveals that Paris has three important women in her life Brooke Mueller, Jennifer Rovero and Allison Melnick and we watch has these women handle the everyday life of relationships, family, children, careers.

This gives a glimpse into the real Paris Hilton and how she handles her not always great past decisions with her fame and success. This sometimes controversial woman reveals her stronger side and how she is determined to make a change. No matter what Paris is involved in, from wild parities to photo shoots to red carpet events, we get a glimpse into Paris's heart and realize that family and friends are truly the center of her world.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
June 1, 2011
Cast: Paris Hilton, Brooke Mueller, Jennifer Rovero, Cy Waits
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The World According to Paris Full Episode Guide

  • As Paris plans for her bi-coastal 30th birthday bash, she tries to patch things up with Brooke and contemplates marriage with Cy.

  • Paris and the girls go undercover, suspicious of Lexie's activity. Jen is heartbroken over a romance gone wrong but ends up reconnecting with an ex-girlfriend.

  • A trip to Spain sends the tabloids into a frenzy over a few unflattering photos. Pregnancy rumors cause Paris to question her entire future.

  • Paris and Cy head to Cabo for a romantic New Year's Eve and end up in a massive fight. Brooke leaves rehab for Aspen, haunted by a dispute with Charlie.

  • Paris and the girls give Lexie an authentic Vegas weekend. A heated fight between Allison and Lexie leaves the girls divided.

  • Paris sets Brooke up on her first date since ending her relationship with Charlie Sheen. Will the date be a success?

  • After an armed man breaks into her house, Paris moves into her sister's place. Paris' boyfriend, Cy, sees text messages from Paris' ex that threaten to end their relationship.

The World According to Paris News

Brooke Mueller Charged With Felony Cocaine-Possession

Brooke Mueller, the minor actress more notorious for being the frequently embattled ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen, has been charged today with felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute, reports E! Online. Mueller's charges stem from an alleged assault by Mueller last December of a patron at Aspen, CO's Belly Up nightclub. Police later found her at the nearby Escobar club, searched her for drugs and found her to be possessing cocaine.

Insurance Company: OK, Maybe Paris Hilton Didn't Steal After All

Insurers for jeweler Damiani have decided that Paris Hilton has been telling the truth since 2008, when she explained that jewels on loan from the upscale shop were not among those of the $2.8 million worth of baubles stolen from her that police later recovered.

Paris Hilton's All-Time Low: 'The World According to Paris' Reportedly Cancelled

"The World According to Paris" is about to be cancelled according to several reports, and that's not all that's gone for Paris Hilton this week. A new study finds she's less liked by Americans than Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger - in fact she's the least liked celebrity in America.

VIDEO: Paris Hilton Asked About Kim Kardashian, Walks Out on Interview

It's been a bit of a rough couple of months for Paris Hilton. Her new reality show, "The World According to Paris," has been met with lackluster ratings, she's been dealing with a stalker, and she can't seem to get through an interview without getting upset. The latest interview incident happened with ABC News, as Dan Harris sat down to talk to Paris about her new show.

Paris Hilton's Stalker James Rainford Arrested (Again) Outside Her Malibu Home (VIDEO)

The World According to Paris is apparently pretty damned creepy. Authorities on Monday arrested frequent Paris HIlton stalker James Rainford for violating a restraining order and trying to contact her outside her Malibu home. A witness to the disturbance told the Daily Mail "he was hanging around on the beach while Paris was inside. Someone recognized him as being the man who had given her trouble in the past, and the cops arrived pretty quickly."

Heal The World: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Make Amends!

Feuding, fussing rivals of the world . . . you now have no excuse! Yankee pinstripes may be worn in tandem with Red Sox red, LeBron James can break bread with Cleveland, and Republicans may reach across the aisle to Democrats, because Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have hugged it out!

'The World According to SINGLE Paris': Hilton Dishes on the Single Life Post-Breakup

Hit the road Jack Cy, and don't cha come back no more...Paris Hilton and her cocaine slinging boyfriend have officially called it quits. In a statement Hilton's rep had this to say, "I can confirm that Paris Hilton and Cy Waits have ended their relationship. It was a joint and amicable decision. They both have respect and care for one another and ask for you to please respect their privacy." Unless you're the cameras following her around on "The World According to Paris."

Yidio Video of the Day: Nicole Richie Challenges a Friend to a Britney Spears Dance Off... and She Wins!

Nicole Richie dances like no one is looking, even though everyone is! Yesterday, in anticipation of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour, Nicole Richie challenged her friend Scotty to put his best moves to the test. The song of choice? Obviously "Slave 4 U," one of the greatest Brit dance jams ever. Watch and enjoy.

'The World According To Paris' To Tackle Sheen Ex Mueller's Sobriety Struggles

Well, if it's train-wrecks you like, then June 8 is a good day for you. What Oxygen is dubbing a "very special episode" of tanking reality show "The World According To Paris," Paris Hilton will bond with her pal and the most recent ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, over Mueller's struggles with sobriety. Kathy Hilton, meanwhile, will host a live chat during the episode at

'The World According to Paris' Bombs, and Paris Blames the Network!

If we were truly living in "according to Paris," we would know exactly whom to blame for the awful ratings for last week's premiere of Paris Hilton's reality show, "The World According to Paris." It's the network's fault! We reported a few days ago that "The World According to Paris" premiered on Oxygen to just over 400,000 viewers, which wasn't even enough for it to place in the top 100 shows for the evening.

'The World According to Paris' Bombs: Is Paris Hilton Done?

Paris who? The Oxygen network premiered Paris Hilton's new reality show "The World According to Paris" on Wednesday, and let's just say we won't be re-crowning Hilton the queen of reality TV anytime soon. The show drew in an abysmal 409,000 viewers, a low number even by the standards of a lesser-known cable channel like Oxygen.

Episode 'The World According to Paris' Season 1, Episode 1 - 'Breaking and Entering' Recap

For some reason when I heard about Paris Hilton's new show, "The World According to Paris," I decided I would give it the benefit of the doubt. To be honest, I somewhat enjoyed Hilton's first show "The Simple Life." She and Nicole Richie were hysterical and the series was based on the duo actually attempting manual labor. My how things have changed. This show is horrible.

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