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  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 4.0  (10)

Preachers of Detroit is a reality television show that premiered on Oxygen in 2015. It follows the lives of seven Detroit-area pastors as they navigate the challenges of leading their congregations and making a difference in their communities. One of the main focuses of the show is the impact that the city's economic struggles have had on its residents and how the pastors are working to address these issues.

Ramon J. Burnham is one of the pastors featured on the show. He is the pastor of the New St. Paul Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, which he founded in 2001. Burnham is known for his commitment to social justice and community outreach, and he is shown throughout the series working to bring positive change to his neighborhood.

The other pastors on the show are also heavily involved in community service and advocacy. Bishop Charles Ellis III is the pastor of Greater Grace Temple, one of Detroit's largest churches. He is also the founder of the Charles H. Ellis III Foundation, which provides scholarships, mentorship, and other support to young people in the city. Pastor Don Shelby Jr. is the leader of Burning Bush International Ministries, which has a strong focus on youth outreach and education. He also founded the Detroit Parents Network, an organization that helps parents advocate for their children's education. Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn is the pastor of The Holy Ghost Cathedral, and she is known for her dynamic preaching style and emphasis on women's empowerment. Pastor David Bullock is the leader of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church and an activist who has been involved in numerous protests and movements for social justice. Pastor Tim Alden is the pastor of the City Temple Seventh-Day Adventist Church and is shown on the show working to address issues of poverty and hunger in the city. Finally, Pastor Clarence Langston is the founder of the Metro Detroit-based multi-site church Word in Action, which has a strong focus on community service.

Throughout the series, the pastors are shown dealing with a variety of challenges, both personal and professional. They must navigate disagreements within their congregations, deal with financial struggles and declining membership, and find ways to make a positive impact in a city that has been hit hard by economic downturns and other issues. The show also highlights the pastors' personal lives, showing them spending time with their families and dealing with issues such as infidelity and health concerns.

One of the key themes of Preachers of Detroit is the idea that faith and service can be powerful tools in addressing the social and economic problems faced by cities like Detroit. The pastors on the show are shown working tirelessly to provide assistance to local residents, whether through food drives, job training programs, or other initiatives. They also work to address broader social issues facing their communities, such as gun violence, drug addiction, and police brutality.

The show has been praised for its positive portrayal of Detroit and its residents, as well as for its emphasis on community outreach and social justice. Many viewers have found the show to be inspiring and uplifting, highlighting the important role that religious leaders can play in shaping their communities and making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Overall, Preachers of Detroit is a compelling and engaging reality series that showcases the lives and work of some of the city's most prominent religious leaders. It provides a unique window into the challenges faced by pastors, as well as the important role that faith and service can play in addressing social and economic issues. Whether you're a religious person or not, the show is sure to leave you with a renewed sense of hope and a greater appreciation for the power of community and compassion.

Preachers of Detroit is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on February 14, 2015.

Preachers of Detroit
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Divide and Conquer
10. Divide and Conquer
April 24, 2015
In the series finale, Bishop Vaughn faces a serious dilemma. Meanwhile, Bishop Ellis presides over a large party to celebrate positive change; and the Shelbys show their support to their daughter Courtney.
Trials and Tribulations
9. Trials and Tribulations
April 17, 2015
Courtney Shelby reveals an act of sexual sin from her past. Pastor Bullock vies for a vacant city council seat in Detroit, while the Shelby's and Vaughn's go on a double date that ends in disaster.
Saints And Sinners
8. Saints And Sinners
April 10, 2015
Feeling snubbed, Pastor Bullock confronts Bishop Vaughn about not keeping her promises. The preachers children come together only to realize their differences. Bishop Langston helps a church member transition to life after prison.
Politics As Usual
7. Politics As Usual
April 3, 2015
Pastor Bullock hopes to use Bishop Corletta's town hall meeting to his advantage, but he finds they have something else in mind. The Shelbys help a homeless mother. Evangelist Dorinda is forced to confront demons of her past.
Save the Children
6. Save the Children
March 27, 2015
Pastor Bullock steps in to aid the grieving family of a 3-year-old, who was gunned down in her Detroit home. Corletta scrambles to save her marriage after an explosive family counseling session. The Shelby 5 prepares for an upcoming concert.
Life Support
5. Life Support
March 20, 2015
At the insistence of friends and family, Pastor Bullock takes time away from his activism to try dating. Bishop Vaughn enlists her husband's help getting their grandson off the streets and Clarence Langston prepares for his Bishop consecration.
Ladies First
4. Ladies First
March 13, 2015
Bishop Corletta Vaughn empowers women to rise above their submissive roles; Pastor David Bullock takes time for himself.
Absence and Abstinence
3. Absence and Abstinence
March 6, 2015
Pastor Shelby and his daughter go on her first date.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
2. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
February 27, 2015
The First Ladies of Detroit invite Female Bishop Corletta Vaughn into their circle, but feathers get ruffled when Corletta challenges them about submitting to their husbands. Pastor Bullock plans a rally for the disenfranchised people of Detroit, but is angered by the lack of support he receives from the other pastors.
Detroit is My City
1. Detroit is My City
February 20, 2015
Bishop Ellis invites his closest preacher friends to his house to discuss how to save the city of Detroit; sparks fly when opinionated Pastor David Bullock starts pointing fingers at the other pastors.
Meet the Preachers
0. Meet the Preachers
February 14, 2015
When Minister Deitrick Haddon returns to Detroit to take care of some family business, he is compelled to do something big for Detroit.
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  • Premiere Date
    February 14, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    4.0  (10)