3 Strikes

"the few, the proud, the paroled."

3 strikes is an comedy starring Brian Hooks, Faizon Love, Mike Epps, Megan Good and George Wallace. This movie focuses around a young african american man named Rob who just got out of jail. He lives in California where the law states that an convicted felon can only be convicted three times before he is sentenced to jail for life. Rob just gets out of jail and is waiting for some friends of his to come pick him up. Surprisingly the friend that picks him up is riding around in a stolen vehicle.

Before the police pull him over Rob tells his friend about his plans to "go straight" in life and not to commit any more robberies. When the cops pull him over in the stolen car, the scared Rob flees the scene leaving the driver to fend for himself. During the shootout between the police and the driver the driver is shot in the bottom, by one of the police officers in a comedic manner.

Rob runs into a party and disguises himself as an older latino man. After the police give up their search Rob runs into his friend Earl who hands him a wad of cash for a hotel. Rob calls his girlfriend who reluctantly comes with him to the hotel. After a quick tryst in the hotel, Rob awakens to see that he has been robbed by his girlfriend.

This is the least of his concerns though, he must keep himself out of the law's eye site. While, he is staying in captivity the driver in the car is pending the car robbery on him for a lesser sentence. This means Rob is now a wanted felon with a warrant for arrest. The police seek him out all over the city including his parents house. He is forced now to find a way to prove his innocence by getting a lawyer and scheduling a press conference. Both of which happen perfectly leading to capture of Rob, but the judge decides to drop the sentence and his name is cleared.

| 2000 | 1 hr 22 min | 4.7/10 | 11/100
Brian Hooks, N'Bushe Wright, Faizon Love, E-40
DJ Pooh
Produced By
Marcus Morton
3 Strikes
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Also directed by D.J. Pooh

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