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"She's a girl from the big city. He's a reckless soldier of fortune. For a fabulous treasure, they share an adventure no one could imagine... or survive."
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Starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, this romantic adventure comedy is filled with witty banter and plenty of action. A bored, successful writer of romance novels, Joan Wilder, lives alone in New York City. She receives a mysterious treasure map in the mail from her murdered brother-in-law, and soon a phone call from her sister who is being held as ransom for the treasure map in Columbia.

Joan travels to Columbia and is waylaid by Colonel Zolo, who was responsible for the murder of her brother-in-law. Ending up in the Columbian jungle, she is saved by the sarcastic and daring ex-Pat, American explorer, Jack. T. Colton. Striking a bargain, Jack agrees to help her reach Cartagena for a tidy sum. After eluding capture from the corrupt Colonel Zolo and his private army, Jack and Joan find help in the most remote of places: a wealthy drug lord who is a fan of Joan’s romance novels.

After a passionate evening in a local city together, Jack convinced Joan to agree to find the treasure, a giant emerald, before handing over the map to her sister’s kidnappers. Unbeknownst to them, Ralph, one of the inept kidnappers, has closed in on their trail as well as the Columbian colonel. Chasing the duo over a waterfall, Joan and Jack are separated, but make plans to meet up in Cartagena for a thrill-inducing and wild ending.

Part Indiana Jones, part African Queen, Romancing the Stone is easily an enjoyable and breathless action-comedy. Nominated for multiple Golden Globes, and directed by Robert Zemeckis, it’s sure to make even the most dour of faces smile. Rated PG, Romancing the Stone is a great movie for all-ages and can satisfy those looking for romance, action, adventure, and comedy.

| 1984 | 1 hr 46 min | 6.9/10 | 63/100
Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, Zack Norman
Robert Zemeckis
Produced By
Michael Douglas

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