Undercover Blues

"Intelligence runs in the family."
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After giving birth to a baby, Jefferson 'Jeff' Blue (Dennis Quaid) and Jane Blue (Kathleen Turner) decide to take an extended maternity leave from their jobs as international spies. They head for New Orleans with the hopes of laying low and spending some time with their newborn baby girl. Jeff is out for a walk with his daughter when he encounters a couple of thugs trying to mug him. He proceeds to hand them what they ask for, (his watch and wallet) but they decide that they want more, a decision that causes them to have a bad evening. Jeff returns to the hotel but says nothing to his wife.

During the investigation of the mugging, the local police contact the FBI which brings them to New Orleans to corner the new parents, not to arrest them, but to beg them to help out in a case that involves the handling of explosive materials. After some negotiating, Jane and Jeff agree to take on the case and save the world.

As they begin to work the case, the local police are still curious about who they really are and continue to keep a close eye on them. In the mean time, the failed mugging has caused the thug to hold a grudge against Jeff, causing him to return, again and again.

Paulina Novacek (Fiona Shaw) is on a path to what she hopes to make her wealthy, but as soon as she realizes that Jeff is on her trail she sends a few of her henchmen to get rid of him, a task that sounded easier when she said it, than when they tried to execute it. After being caught attempting to investigate a crime scene by the local authority, Jeff and Jane decide to share some information with them.

Herbert Ross directs this comedy which has supporting roles by Obba Babatundé as Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer, Larry Miller as Det. Sgt. Halsey and Stanley Tucci as Muerte (aka Morty).

| 1993 | | 6.1/10
Kathleen Turner, Dennis Quaid, Fiona Shaw, Stanley Tucci
Herbert Ross
Produced By
Mike Lobell
Undercover Blues
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