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"2 Good. 2 Bad. 4 Life."
  • NR
  • 2007
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • 3.5  (218)

"4 Life" is a gritty and intense crime drama film from 2007, directed by J. P. Connolly and starring Wood Harris, Page Kennedy, J.D. Williams, and Elise Neal in lead roles. The movie follows the journey of four young New Yorkers, each of whom has been dealt a tough hand in life, struggling to survive and make a name for themselves in a world where quick money seems to be the only way out of their predicament.

The story centers on the lives of three childhood friends, Monty (Harris), G (Williams), and Ray (Kennedy), who grow up in the rough streets of Harlem and find themselves drifting towards a life of crime. Monty is the level-headed leader of the trio, with a talent for business and a desire to make a better life for himself and his family. G is the hot-headed and impulsive one, always eager to take the riskier path to success, while Ray is the quiet and introspective member, whose loyalty to his friends is unwavering.

The three men start off as small-time drug dealers, but soon find themselves in over their heads as they get involved in a major drug deal that goes awry. When their supplier is murdered, Monty, G and Ray are accused of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. As they struggle to adapt to life behind bars, they are plagued by guilt, regret, and the realization that their dreams of success and a better life may never come to fruition.

Despite being incarcerated, the trio continues to hustle and plot their way towards freedom, hoping to one day break out and resume their lives on the outside. They are aided by a mysterious woman named Goldie (Elise Neal), who seems to have connections and knowledge of the criminal underworld that could help them achieve their goals. However, as they delve deeper into her world, they begin to suspect that she may not be as trustworthy as she seems, and that her own motivations may be very different from their own.

Through its gritty portrayal of life in the criminal underworld, "4 Life" is an unflinching look at the choices, consequences, and moral quandaries that face those who choose a life of crime. The film explores themes of loyalty, brotherhood, greed, and redemption, and demands the audience to question what they would do if put in the same situation as the characters.

The performances of the four lead actors are exceptional, bringing depth and nuance to their roles and adding layers of complexity to their characters. Wood Harris, in particular, shines in his portrayal of Monty, conveying a sense of intelligence, poise, and resilience that makes it easy to root for him even in the darkest moments. Page Kennedy's G is a study of a character caught between his loyalty to his friends and his desire for greater rewards, while JD Williams' Ray is an emotional anchor, bringing a quiet intensity to his performance that perfectly offsets the chaos around him.

Elise Neal's Goldie, though a secondary character, is a standout in her portrayal of a woman who exudes power and confidence, but whose motives remain a mystery throughout the movie. Her presence adds an extra layer of tension to an already high-stakes story and helps to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Overall, "4 Life" is a powerful film with a strong message about the consequences of our actions and the importance of staying true to ourselves and to those we care about. It is a gripping and emotional rollercoaster of a story that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer long after the credits roll.

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