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  • R
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 5.6  (1,072)

Hendrix - The Last 24 Hours is a dramatic portrayal of the final day in the life of legendary musician Jimi Hendrix, played by Wood Harris. The movie is set in London on September 18, 1970, just hours before his untimely death. The film follows the last moments of his life, as he spends time with close friends, band members, and acquaintances.

The movie is directed by James D. Parriott, and features an ensemble cast that includes Billy Zane as Hendrix's manager Michael Jeffrey, Dorian Harewood as Eric Barrett, Hendrix's road manager, and Christian Potenza as Devon Wilson, Hendrix's girlfriend.

The film opens with a shot of Hendrix being escorted through the airport, surrounded by fans and paparazzi. The movie immediately establishes Hendrix as a man of mystery, shrouded in a veil of celebrity and hype. We see him constantly on the move, always in transit, with little time to rest or think.

As the day progresses, we begin to see Hendrix's inner world, his fears, and anxieties. We are shown glimpses of his creative process, his struggle to find new sounds and ideas, and his painful loneliness. We see how he is caught between the expectations of his fans and the demands of his record label, struggling to balance his artistic integrity with commercial success.

Throughout the movie, we are presented with a series of flashbacks, highlighting key moments in Hendrix's life, including his time in the army, his musical influences, and his relationship with his father. These moments provide context to Hendrix's character, and allow the audience to understand his motivations.

As the day wears on, Hendrix becomes increasingly exhausted and fragile. He turns to drugs and alcohol to cope with the pressures of his life, and we see him spiraling downwards. His relationships with those around him become strained, with arguments breaking out over money and creative differences.

Despite his troubles, Hendrix remains a creative force until the end. We witness him jamming with other musicians in a hotel room, experimenting with new sounds and ideas. The movie is filled with electrifying performances of some of his most iconic songs, including 'Voodoo Child' and 'Purple Haze.'

As the final hours tick by, the film builds up to a gut-wrenching climax. Hendrix is found unconscious in a London hotel room, having suffocated on his own vomit. The scene is filmed with a raw intensity, conveying the pain and loss that his death caused.

In the end, Hendrix - The Last 24 Hours is a powerful tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time. Wood Harris delivers an outstanding performance, embodying Hendrix's charisma and talent, while also capturing the vulnerability and doubt that lay beneath. The movie offers an intimate glimpse into the life of a man who was larger than life, but all too human.

Hendrix - The last 24 Hours
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