Lake Consequence

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Lake Consequence is about a housewife named Irene who is experiencing loneliness and boredom when the rest of her family goes away on a weekend retreat. Irene decides to spend some time talking to Billy, a handsome neighbor. Irene is curious about Billy and decides to snoop around in his trailer to learn more about him. As Irene is doing this, Billy pulls out of his driveway with the trailer in tow as he heads to Lake Consequence with his girlfriend Grace. Irene is unable to get out of the trailer in time and ends up stuck there until the couple arrives at the lake.

Irene is discovered in the trailer by Grace and Billy and the two agree to take her into town so she can take a bus home. When Billy takes Irene into town, he realizes how much he is attracted to Irene and attempts to seduce her. The two have a passionate affair against the backdrop of the town's nightlife.

Irene decides to stay in town because of her attraction to Billy and returns to the cabin. She thinks she can control her feelings for Billy, but soon grows jealous of his relationship with Grace. Plus, Grace is attracted to both men and women, and soon sees Irene as a possible partner. Ultimately, Irene can not handle the emotional intensity of the situation and attempts to flee the cabin.

Billy decides it is best if he drives her back to her home. However, Irene is humiliated by her weekend escapade and is reluctant to even return to her family. Billy ultimately explains how important it is for her to keep her family together and to make sure everyone has a better life. Irene soon understands how important she is to her family and decides to put the past behind her.

| 1992 | 1 hr 25 min | 4.8/10
Billy Zane, Joan Severance, May Karasun, Whip Hubley
Warner Bros.
Rafael Eisenman
Produced By
Avram Kaplan
Lake Consequence
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Also directed by Rafael Eisenman