7 Kilos

A horrific gang attack involving a drug deal gone wrong leaves no witnesses, almost. A street-smart young woman is the lone survivor. This survivor has a secret as well. She has found among the carnage more than two million dollars in drug money. She is now presented with the choice to return the money or to flee and take the money with her. This amount would be enough to get her far away from the gangs and this life that she so longs to be done with.

The young woman, who is played by Brenda Estrella Rojas, decides that she will run with the money in order to start a new life. The problem is that the drug dealers want their money back and are searching for it. In order to avoid detection by the men seeking their money, she must engage on a journey through the back trails. Since she does not know these trails, she hires a cowboy to lead her out of the country. This cowboy, Cain, is far less than a social butterfly, but he can get her to Mexico fast, and safely.

The cowboy Cain is played by Cliff Weeks. One will also be pleasantly surprised by the performances of Manuel Garcia (Danny Ortega),Brent Bratton (the sheriff), and Melody Moss (Sheryl). Directed by Pablo Veliz, this film is gritty, heartwarming and a must-see. Mr Veliz does a fantastic job navigating the drug world and in offering a quality film made on a very scarce budget.

This film might be a bit much for younger viewers, but will certainly keep the older teens and young adults enthralled as they watch the details unfold to a climatic end. The film is not rated, so parents be wary if allowing youngsters to view this film. Content may be a bit much for smaller children. You may want to view it before deciding for those under age 12.

| 2007 | 1 hr 32 min | 4.8/10
Brenda Estrella Rojas, Cliff Weeks, Manuel Garcia, Brent Bratton
Laguna Productions, Inc.
Pablo Veliz
7 Kilos
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Also directed by Pablo Veliz

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