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"Never Let the Truth Become the Headline"
  • 2004
  • 5.7  (295)

A-1 Headline is a thriller movie directed by Gordon Chan and released in 2004. The movie stars Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Angelica Lee, and Edison Chen in lead roles. The story is set in Hong Kong and revolves around a group of journalists who are competing for the biggest news story. The movie is an interesting exploration of the corruption in the media industry and the high stakes involved in the quest for a scoop.

The protagonist of the story is Cheung Mo-Han, played by Anthony Wong. Cheung is a senior reporter for the A-1 newspaper, but his career is on the rocks. He is known for his hard-hitting stories, but his boss sees him as a liability due to his drinking and gambling problems. Things take a turn for the worse when Cheung is falsely accused of accepting bribes from a company he had exposed in a previous story. He is suspended from his job and is forced to take on low-paying freelance jobs to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, Yip Gwai-Yi, played by Angelica Lee, is a rookie reporter who is hungry for success. She is determined to make a name for herself by breaking a high-profile story. Yip initially sees Cheung as a rival and is eager to steal his stories. However, after witnessing his downfall, she begins to feel sorry for him and decides to help him redeem his reputation.

The third character in the story is Johnny, played by Edison Chen. Johnny is a freelance photographer who is always chasing after the next big scoop. He is often on the scene of the news story before the police or other reporters. Johnny has a reputation for being reckless, and he is always putting himself in danger to get the perfect shot.

The movie takes a dramatic turn when the three characters become embroiled in a complex web of corruption involving a wealthy businessman, played by Tony Leung Ka-fai. The businessman is involved in a scandalous affair with a high-ranking government official, and the journalists are keen to expose the story. However, they soon discover that the businessman has powerful connections and is willing to do anything to protect his secrets.

As the story unfolds, the characters find themselves up against a formidable adversary. The movie builds tension and suspense as the journalists race against time to uncover the truth. They face numerous obstacles and setbacks, including threats, beatings, and arrests. However, they refuse to give up and are determined to expose the corruption, even if it costs them everything.

A-1 Headline is a fast-paced and engaging movie that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The performances by the lead actors are excellent, with Anthony Wong delivering a particularly powerful performance as the down-on-his-luck journalist. The movie also has a strong message about the importance of ethical journalism and the dangers of corruption in the media industry. Overall, A-1 Headline is a must-watch for fans of thriller movies and anyone interested in the role of the media in society.

In conclusion, A-1 Headline is an enthralling thriller movie about the corrupt practices in the media industry. The movie's story revolves around a group of journalists who are desperate to break a high-profile story, even if it means risking their careers and lives. The movie features excellent performances from its lead actors and delivers a powerful message about the importance of ethical journalism. It is a must-watch for fans of thriller movies and anyone interested in the role of the media in society.

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