A Charlie Brown Valentine

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"A Charlie Brown Valentine" is a light hearted program that deals with the highs and complications of love. When Charlie becomes infatuated with a red haired girl at his school and decides to ask her to the dance, he suddenly loses his nerve to go up and ask her directly only to admire her from a distance. Later on he discovers a pencil with teeth marks on it and soon knows who it belongs to in regards to his crush. Much to Charlie's chagrin, Lucy Van Pelt takes the pencil to return it to the red haired girl in another class.

Things become more complicated after he writes a love letter and Peppermint Patty reads it and thinks it was meant for her. When Charlie returns home from school he asks Snoopy for help in delivering a valentine to the girl he likes. Practice is one thing, the actual act is much harder to perform when it comes to nerve. At the school dance Charlie is looking around for the girl to dance with out on the gymnasium floor. To his annoyance both Pepperment Patty and Marcie ask him to dance with him at the same time, not giving him time to refuse. The three person dance becomes a seriously awkward display for the whole school to see. When he catches Snoopy dancing with his crush, Charlie is dejected to the point of heartbreak.

He leaves soon after, walking home alone very slowly only to have the two girls he danced with catch up with him. Both comment that he is a horrible dancer and never to invite them to dance again, not realizing that they had a hand in the awkward display. At home, Snoopy hands Charlie a valentine with special contents inside as the Peanuts special ends.

| 2002 | 25 min | 7.2/10
Wesley Singerman, Lauren Schaffel, Corey Padnos, Emily Lalande
Bill Melendez
A Charlie Brown Valentine
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