It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown

"An anthology of stories that are direct adaptions from Charles Schulz's comic strip."
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"It's an Adventure, Charlie Brown" is the 25th animated Peanut special. It consists of eight different vignettes over the span of a solid hour. The vignettes include: Charlie Brown wearing a sack on his head to obscure a rash, Peppermint Patty and Marcie trying out golf; Charlie Brown taking vengeance upon the "Kite-Eating Tree" and hiding from the fallout; Lucy van Pelt critiquing Schroeder's musical talents; Sally attempting comedy in school, Peppermint Patty being misled about the nature of butterflies; Lucy van Pelt's attempts at separating Linus from his security blanket; and Woodstock performing various acts to a sleeping Snoopy.

| 1983 | 47 min | 7.5/10
Michael Catalano, Angela Lee Sloan, Rocky Reilly, Cindi Reilly
Bill Melendez, Sam Jaimes
It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown
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