A Month in the Country

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  • 1985
  • 2 hr 4 min

A Month in the Country is a British drama film released in 1985, directed by Pat O'Connor and starring Richard Briers, Eleanor Bron, Phyllis Calvert, and Ian Charleson. The film is an adaptation of a novel by J.L. Carr and is set in the post-World War I era in rural England. The story follows a young veteran named Tom Birkin (played by Ian Charleson), who is hired to uncover and restore a medieval mural that has been hidden for centuries in a small village church. Tom, who is still recovering from the traumas of war, is initially hesitant about taking on this task but soon becomes engrossed in his work. As he spends more time in the peaceful village, he starts to rediscover his love for life and finds himself forming a deep connection with the local people, including the churchwarden Mr. Ellerbeck (Richard Briers), and the vicar's wife Alice Keach (Eleanor Bron).

The movie is a masterpiece of understated elegance, with stunning cinematography capturing the essence of rural life in the English countryside. The charming story is filled with rich, nuanced characters and explores themes of healing, redemption, and the power of art to inspire and transform.

In his portrayal of Tom, Charleson delivers a restrained and sensitive performance, encapsulating the character's inner turmoil and the slow, subtle process of his emotional healing. Richard Briers, as the grumpy yet endearing Ellerbeck, brings his trademark warmth and humor to the role, while Eleanor Bron is equally impressive as the complex and enigmatic Alice.

The movie's pacing is deliberate yet effective as it immerses the audience in the tranquil and idyllic setting, creating a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time. The score, composed by Howard Blake, complements the story's gentle rhythms and provides a lovely musical backdrop for the film's meditative tone.

One of the most striking aspects of A Month in the Country is the way it explores the power of art to uplift and transform. Tom's restoration of the medieval mural becomes a metaphor for his own healing process, as he slowly uncovers the beauty beneath the surface and uncovers his own inner peace. The movie suggests that art, whether in the form of a painting, a mural, or a piece of music, can have profound effects on the human spirit, opening hearts and minds to new possibilities.

Overall, A Month in the Country is a beautiful, contemplative film that celebrates life's small pleasures and the power of human connection. Its emphasis on the restorative power of art and the importance of community is particularly poignant in the current world climate, making this movie a timely and much-needed reminder of what truly matters in life.

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    2 hr 4 min