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"Standing on the threshold of your heart, she longs to be comforted…"
  • 1996
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 6.8  (468)

A Petal is a haunting and emotionally charged drama that explores the effects of the Gwangju Uprising, a brutal and deeply traumatic event in South Korean history. The film tells the story of a young girl named Gyeong-hee (Lee Jung-hyun) who witnesses the massacre of her classmates during the uprising and is deeply traumatized by the experience. The film follows Gyeong-hee as she tries to come to terms with her trauma and find a way to move forward in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The film is set in the years following the Gwangju Uprising, and director Jang Sun-woo masterfully uses the city of Gwangju as a backdrop for the story. The city is portrayed as a place that has been scarred by the events of the uprising, with the streets lined with posters of the missing and dead, and the people living in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. The film's cinematography captures the bleakness and desperation of the city, with long, lingering shots of empty streets and haunting images of abandoned buildings and playgrounds.

Lee Jung-hyun gives a haunting and powerful performance as Gyeong-hee, capturing the character's deep pain and trauma with incredible nuance and sensitivity. Gyeong-hee is a character who is deeply damaged by her experiences, but who also possesses a fierce strength and resilience that allows her to persevere in the face of extreme adversity. Moon Sung-Keun and Yeong-ran Lee also give solid performances as Gyeong-hee's father and mother, respectively, each struggling in their own way to come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen their family.

What sets A Petal apart from other films about trauma and healing is its willingness to confront the ugly realities of the Gwangju Uprising head-on. The film does not shy away from showing the violence and brutality of the event, and it makes it clear that the trauma experienced by Gyeong-hee and others like her is not something that can be easily overcome or forgotten. At the same time, the film understands that healing and recovery are possible, even in the face of immense pain and suffering.

Throughout the film, Gyeong-hee is haunted by the ghosts of her classmates, and this serves as a powerful metaphor for the way that trauma can linger long after the actual event has passed. The film is also deeply rooted in Korean culture and history, with references to traditional shamanistic rituals and the mythology of the "gwangdae", a group of heroic warriors who fought for justice and freedom in the face of oppression. These elements give the film a sense of depth and richness that sets it apart from other dramas tackling similar themes.

Overall, A Petal is a deeply affecting and powerful film that explores the impact of trauma on individuals and communities. It is a film that is unafraid to confront difficult truths and painful realities, but that also offers hope and a sense of possibility in the face of immense adversity. With its haunting visuals, powerful performances, and insightful commentary on South Korean history and culture, A Petal is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

A Petal
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    1 hr 29 min
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    6.8  (468)