A Time To Triumph

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This is a dramatic movie about a couple who must make a major change in their life. When the husband has a heart attack he can no longer work. Now his wife must find a way to support the family. Chuck Hassan made a good living as a construction worker. He was married, and they had already managed to buy their own home. When he has a heart attack, he is no longer able to work. The couple loses their home, their life savings and they realize something must change.

His wife, when searching for a job, makes the decision to join the army. She just wanted the secure pay and benefits, but has found a challenge as well.

Not Rated
| 1986 | 1 hr 36 min | 7.4/10
Patty Duke, Joseph Bologna, Julie Bovasso, Denise Mickelbury
Noel Black
A Time To Triumph
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