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This film is about the story of a woman named Mathilde, who is desperate to go under experimental measures in hopes of giving birth to her first born child, Manon, through cloning methods. After Mathilde gives birth to her child, Manon seems like your average child at first glance. However, Manon suffers from severe nightmares each night, that are later identified as Mathilde's long lost memories. Manon begins to grow at a disturbingly fast rate and begins to look just like her mother. Later on, Manon plans to ruin her mother's life by taking on Mathilde's identity, as well as even falling in love with her husband, Thomas.

2004 | 1 hr 34 min | 4.8/10
Nastassja Kinski, Christopher Lambert, Audrey DeWilder, Rufus
Aruna Villiers
Produced By
Virginie Silla
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