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  • NR
  • 2005
  • 2 hr 48 min
  • 5.8  (1,713)

Aaru is a 2005 Tamil film directed by Hari, starring Suriya, Trisha Krishnan, Vadivelu, and others in lead roles. The film follows the life of Aarumugam aka Aaru (played by Suriya), a small-time criminal and his love interest Mahalakshmi (played by Trisha Krishnan). Aaru's life takes a turn when a wealthy businessman, Jothi Mahalingam (played by Ashish Vidyarthi) bribes Aaru's mother to make him kill a person who has been given a death sentence in a court case. In return for this, Aaru's mother receives a job offer for Aaru from Mahalingam. Aaru kills the person in question, but he is traumatized by the act and decides to leave behind his criminal ways.

A critically injured Aaru is admitted to a hospital where he meets Mahalakshmi, a medical intern. The two develop a bond, and Mahalakshmi helps Aaru turn over a new leaf. He begins working for Mahalingam's rival, Ramya (played by Kalabhavan Mani), who wants Aaru to take out Mahalingam's henchmen so that she can establish her supremacy in the city.

Eventually, Aaru realizes that Ramya has been using him for her selfish interests, and she doesn't care about him or his safety. He decides to take revenge on her for putting his life in danger. Meanwhile, Mahalingam gets to know about Aaru's betrayal, and he decides to eliminate him.

The movie is punctuated with action sequences, comedy, and romance. Suriya delivers a commendable performance as Aaru, the tough and brooding criminal, as well as the charming romantic hero. Trisha Krishnan, too, shines in her role as Mahalakshmi.

The film's narrative is straightforward, and the pacing is tight, with no unnecessary scenes. The dialogues are crisp, and the chemistry between the lead pair is palpable. The movie's soundtrack, composed by Devi Sri Prasad, features catchy beats and memorable tunes.

The movie's biggest strength is its cast. Suriya, Trisha Krishnan, and Vadivelu all deliver excellent performances, making the audience care about their characters. Vadivelu's comedic timing and acting, in particular, are outstanding.

Aaru has a lot of emotional depth, and the film's central theme revolves around redemption and the ability to change one's life. The film's climax is intense, and it ties up all the loose ends, leaving the audience satisfied.

In conclusion, Aaru is a film that deserves to be watched for Suriya's performance as a tough guy with a heart, Trisha Krishnan's portrayal of a compassionate and strong-willed character, and Vadivelu's comic relief. The film has aged well, and even 15 years after its release, it remains an engaging and entertaining watch.

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