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  • 2005

Iyer IPS is an action-packed Tamil movie directed by the popular Tamil director, Ranjit. The movie stars Sathyaraj, an acclaimed actor who has starred in several Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies, in the lead role. Released in the year 2005, the movie is filled with thrilling action sequences and showcases the gritty determination of a tough law enforcer who is willing to go to any lengths to protect the society from criminals.

The movie revolves around the character of Iyer (played by Sathyaraj), a sincere and upright police officer who is posted as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in Chennai. As soon as he takes charge, he is faced with a daunting task of curbing the rampant gang violence and crime in the city. Iyer quickly realizes that the job is not going to be easy, especially since he must fight against the powerful mafia kingpin, Kottaiya (played by the talented actor, Ganja Karuppu).

As Iyer starts his work, he discovers that the criminal’s network is larger than he ever imagined. He must put together a team of police officers who are dependable and efficient enough to help him tackle the criminals. What follows is a thrilling story of the battle between the police force and the underworld mafia.

Sathyaraj, with his imposing screen presence and electrifying performance, brings the character of Iyer to life. He essays the role of a valiant policeman with conviction, perfectly portraying the stern yet kind-hearted demeanor of his character. Sathyaraj’s performance as Iyer is truly remarkable, and he ensures that the audience is engaged and invested in the action on the screen.

The direction by Ranjit is also commendable, and he has succeeded in creating a sense of urgency and tension throughout the movie. The action sequences are expertly choreographed, adding a sense of realism to the movie’s portrayal of the tough job that policemen have to do to keep the society safe. The movie's editing is tight, with all scenes contributing to the overall narrative.

The movie’s supporting cast includes talented actors like Piaa Bajpai, Delhi Ganesh, and Uma Padmanabhan, who all deliver solid performances.

One of the aspects of the movie worth mentioning is its underlying message of social responsibility. The movie highlights the significance of responsible citizens working towards maintaining law and order in the society. Through Iyer’s character, the movie emphasizes the importance of the police force, who work tirelessly to safeguard the public from criminals.

Overall, Iyer IPS is a must-watch movie for action movie aficionados and fans of Sathyaraj’s work. It is a well-made film that delivers on both the entertainment and social commentary fronts.

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