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  • 2015
  • 122 hr
  • 7.3  (1,718)

Pasanga 2 is a 2015 Tamil-language film directed by Pandiraj and produced by Suriya, who also plays a key role in the film. The movie, which also stars Amala Paul and Nishesh, revolves around the lives of two hyperactive children, Kavin and Naina, who are constantly getting into mischief at home and school. The movie deals with the challenges of coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and how it affects the children and their families.

The movie begins with the introduction of Kavin (played by Nishesh) and Naina (played by Vaishnavi), who are both diagnosed with ADHD. Kavin is the son of a rich businessman, while Naina is the daughter of a middle-class family. Both families are struggling to cope with the children's hyperactive behavior and are unable to find a solution to the problem. Kavin and Naina are expelled from various schools due to their unruly behavior.

The children's parents, who are fed up with their behavior, decide to take them to a child psychiatrist, who diagnoses them with ADHD. The psychiatrist advises the parents to be patient with the children and suggest that they need to be treated differently from other children. The parents take up the challenge and start putting in efforts to help the children.

The movie then shifts to a new school where Kavin and Naina are admitted. There they meet Venba (played by Bondita), who is also diagnosed with ADHD. Venba is the daughter of a housemaid and has a troubled home life. The three children form a bond and become best friends.

The movie then deals with the issues faced by the children in the school and how they tackle it. They face bullying, discrimination, and ridicule from their peers and teachers. Their parents support them and encourage them to overcome their difficulties. They also meet a retired teacher, who teaches them self-confidence and self-respect.

As the story progresses, we see how Kavin's and Naina's parents help them to cope with their behavior and manage their ADHD. They introduce an activity-based learning curriculum, which helps the children to focus better and learn creatively. The parents work with the school authorities to create a learning environment that accommodates the specific needs of the children.

In the meantime, Suriya (played by himself), who is a child psychiatrist, visits the school and observes the progress made by the children. He further counsels the parents and teachers and advises them on how to deal with children suffering from ADHD.

The movie ends on a positive note, highlighting the changes in the lives of the children and their families. The story conveys the message that with patience, love, and understanding, parents can help their ADHD-diagnosed children lead normal lives and achieve their dreams.

Pasanga 2 is a heartwarming movie that touches upon the sensitive topic of ADHD and how it can affect the lives of children and their families. The film is well written and directed, and the performances of the child actors are brilliant. The movie also features a cameo appearance by Tamil actor Karthi, which adds to the entertainment value. The music by Arrol Corelli is also noteworthy, and the songs are well placed in the film.

Overall, Pasanga 2 is a wholesome family entertainer with a social message. It is a must-watch for parents and educators, who will gain insight into the challenges faced by children with ADHD and how they can be supported to overcome them.

Pasanga 2
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    7.3  (1,718)