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The movie Absolon is a sci-fi movie with plenty of action. It takes place in a world post-apocalypse. Absolon is a type of drug, and it is the only hope for those that are still alive. They need the drug in order to prevent the deadly virus that has been spread from killing them and wiping out humans for good. Lou Diamond Phillips and Kelly Brook star in this suspenseful film. Ron Perlman plays the controller of the drug, Absolon. He is the leader of a company that owns the research company that developed the drug for people to survive. However, Perlman is using that power to allow him to be in control of the human race. As scientists involved with controlling the drug so that it can be distributed are murdered, time is running out for the average person to have a chance to survive.

It becomes a process of killing to avoid being killed and a quest to find the Absolon drug before it is too late. It is a movie about courage, sacrifice, love, and how far a person will go to live and to also allow those they care about to have a chance at a future.

| 2003 | 1 hr 36 min | 4.2/10
Christopher Lambert, Lou Diamond Phillips, Kelly Brook, Ron Perlman
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