Adavi Ramudu

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Ramu is a poor boy from a small village. As a child, he befriends Madhu, a young girl from a wealthy family. When Madhu's uncle insults Ramu for being poor and uneducated, Mahdu encourages Ramu to educate himself. Years later, Ramu finds himself attending a local college, where he reunites with the now beautiful and much sought after Madhu. Ramu quickly wins Madhu's heart, despite strong disapproval from her family. When Madhu's family finds out about her involvement with such a poor man, they are forced to flee into the forest, her family hot on their heels.

2004 | | 4.0/10
Prabhas, Aarti Agarwal, Ravi Babu, Banerjee
B. Gopal
Produced By
Chanti Addala
Adavi Ramudu
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Also directed by B. Gopal

Also starring Aarti Agarwal