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  • 1960
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Adua and Friends is a classic Italian film from 1960, directed by Antonio Pietrangeli and starring Simone Signoret, Marcello Mastroianni, and Sandra Milo. The movie tells the story of four prostitutes who are forced to leave their brothel when a new law is enacted that outlaws their profession. The protagonists, Adua (played by Simone Signoret), Milly (Sandra Milo), Lolita (Emmanuelle Riva), and Marilina (Gina Rovere), decide to start a new life by opening a restaurant in a small Italian town.

The film is set in Italy in the late 1950s, a time of social and economic change. The country was experiencing a period of growth and modernization, but at the same time, there was still a stigma attached to prostitution. This is evident in the difficulties the women face in opening their restaurant due to the townspeople's prejudice against them. Despite this, Adua and her friends persevere, determined to make a new life for themselves and leave the past behind.

The movie explores the complex relationships between the four women as they navigate their new life. Adua is the leader of the group and the driving force behind their new venture. She is savvy and practical, but also deeply vulnerable, haunted by memories of her past as a prostitute. Milly is the youngest and most naive of the group, and also the most optimistic. She dreams of finding love and settling down, but her innocence makes her an easy target for men who try to take advantage of her. Lolita is the most cynical, having been in the business the longest. She is bitter and resentful of men, but also fiercely loyal to her friends. Marilina is the quietest of the group, but also the most resourceful. She is a skilled cook and manages the restaurant's kitchen, making the business a success even when things seem hopeless.

The film is beautifully shot, with stunning Italian landscapes and vivid portrayals of the characters. Simone Signoret's performance as Adua is brilliant, capturing the nuances of the character's strength and vulnerability. Marcello Mastroianni plays Piero, a wealthy lawyer who takes an interest in Adua, and the chemistry between the two actors is electric. Sandra Milo also delivers a standout performance as Milly, capturing the character's youthful hopefulness and sense of wonder.

One of the film's strengths is its portrayal of female friendship. The four women are each other's support system, and their deep bond is palpable throughout the movie. They share everything, from clothes to secrets, and their friendship is tested but never broken. Despite the challenges they face, they remain resilient and steadfast in their determination to build a better life for themselves.

Overall, Adua and Friends is a powerful and moving film about the resilience of the human spirit. It explores themes of friendship, redemption, and the search for a better life. The performances by the lead actors are exceptional, and the cinematography is stunning. The movie is a must-see for fans of classic European cinema and anyone interested in exploring deep and complex human relationships.

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