Adua and Friends

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In 1958 Italy, the Merlin law has made brothels against the law. Lolita, Adua, Millie, and Marililna are prostitutes from a Roman brothel that has been closed. With Adua leading the way, they put their savings of 500,000 lire each together to open a restaurant in Rome. They purchase a rundown building, fix it up, but because they have a history of being prostitutes their restaurant permit is rejected.

Not Rated
| 1960 | | 7.5/10
Simone Signoret, Sandra Milo, Emmanuelle Riva, Gina Rovere
Antonio Pietrangeli
Produced By
Moris Ergas
Italian language
Adua and Friends
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Also directed by Antonio Pietrangeli

Also starring Sandra Milo