Madame Rosa

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The movie Madame Rosa is about a woman who has survived Auschwitz and became a prostitute. She has now retired from that profession and cares for children of other prostitutes so they can do their job. She is getting old and can longer care for the kids like she did but finds that she is especially attached to a child named Momo who does not seem to have anyone to claim him. His parents left years ago which is why he is there. She still struggles with her experiences from the war and concentration camps which affect her even now.

1977 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.3/10
Simone Signoret, Michal Bat-Adam, Samy Ben-Youb, Gabriel Jabbour
Mosh Mizrahi
Madame Rosa
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Also directed by Moshe Mizrahi

Also starring Michal Bat-Adam