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  • 1991
  • 8.4  (3,193)

Amaram is a beautiful and heartwarming Indian drama film released in 1991, directed by Bharathan and starring Mammootty, Maathu, and Chitra in the lead roles. The story revolves around a fisherman named Achootty, played by Mammootty, who lives in a small fishing village in Kerala. Achootty is an honest and hardworking man who lives a simple life with his wife and two children.

The movie starts with Achootty's daughter, Ganga, getting ready for her wedding. Her father is very supportive and wants her to marry the person she loves. While everything is going well, a tragic event occurs in the family, which changes their lives forever. This event affects Achootty deeply, causing him to question his own beliefs and values.

Achootty's son, Kannan, is a young and vibrant boy who dreams of becoming a sailor. Kannan is fascinated by the sea and the stories his father tells him about his adventures as a fisherman. Achootty's wife, played by Maathu, is a caring and loving mother who always supports her husband and children.

The movie then takes us through the ups and downs of Achootty's life as a fisherman. He faces a lot of challenges, including tough competition from rival fishermen, and struggles to provide for his family. But no matter how hard things get, Achootty never loses hope and always finds a way to overcome his problems.

The movie explores the bond between a father and his children, the strength of a family, and the resilience of the human spirit. It shows us how the essence of life lies in simple things and how important it is to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones.

The performances in the movie are outstanding, especially Mammootty's portrayal of Achootty. He brings out the depth of his character through his nuanced acting and perfectly captures the essence of a simple fisherman struggling to make ends meet. The supporting cast, including Maathu and Chitra, also deliver strong performances.

The movie's cinematography is stunning, with breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding landscapes. The film score is also beautiful, perfectly complementing the mood of the movie.

Overall, Amaram is a masterpiece of Indian cinema that deserves to be seen by everyone. Its themes of family, love, and resilience are universal, and the movie's message is still relevant today. If you're looking for a touching and thought-provoking movie, Amaram is a must-watch.

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    8.4  (3,193)