American Girl

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Rena is an American teenage girl in crisis. As the issues in her life continue mounting, she is left feeling lost and contemplating suicide. Among the many teenage issues she is dealing with are the fact he father sits in prison, a brother who is gay, a half-sister Barbie that has become promiscuous and issues with an abusive boyfriend.

Everything comes to a head when the entire family goes to the prison to participate in an annual family tradition, a picnic. The last thing any of them expected on this grand occasion was fireworks, but fireworks is exactly what they were about to get.

| 2002 | | 6.0/10
Jena Malone, Harmony Blossom, Erik von Detten, Michelle Forbes
Jordan Brady
Produced By
Jena Malone, Stavros Merjos, Yoram Pelman, Adam Rosenfelt, Chad Snopek, Sheila Wurmser
American Girl
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Also starring Jena Malone