And the Ship Sails On

A film by the acclaimed Italian director Federico Fellini. The year is 1914 and a luxurious cruise ship leaves the coast of Naples carrying the ashes of Tetua, the most revered opera singer of the age, in order to scatter them near the island of her birth. Also on board are all of her friends and many of her admirers. It is a motley collection of performers, artists, aristocrats, obsessed fans, and folks of all stripes. They spend their days carousing, bickering, and generally carrying on until reality intrudes on the third day of the voyage.

| 1983 | 2 hr 12 min | 7.6/10
Freddie Jones, Barbara Jefford, Victor Poletti, Peter Cellier
Mike Hodges, Federico Fellini
And the Ship Sails On
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