"The greatest adventure is finding your way home."
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Andre is a family entertainment movie that was released in 1994. The movie plot is based on the real life story of an orphaned harbor seal that shows up in the township of Rockport, Maine in 1962. The theme of the movie focuses on a young girl’s discovery of the seal, and her family’s attempts to care for it. Throughout the film, there are many adventures and sometimes dramatic moments. As Andre grows, he becomes increasingly attached to Toni, the young daughter of Harry Whitney. Throughout the movie viewers experience much of the events as the personal journey of Toni and Andre.

During the initial bonding time, the plot showcases how Andre worked his way into Toni’s heart and life with his playful, loving personality. When Toni’s father, Harry Whitney discovers Andre who is being hidden by his daughter, some comedy and eye raising antics ensue.

However, concerns arise as the weather changes. The family acknowledges the need to a need to move Andre for the winter. Because the harbor area of Rockport, Maine freezes over, the waters become dangerous for seals to maneuver in. So the Whitney family temporarily place Andre in the Boston Aquarium. Their intention is to release Andre in the spring to join other seals and take the migration to the warmer waters in the south. Much to everyone surprise, Andre decides to change his course. Instead, he makes the 400 mile journey back to Maine to be with his adoptive family.

The film was created by Paramount Pictures and was released in theaters in August of 1994. The film is rated PG and is appropriate family entertainment. Much of the filming was done in Vancouver, British Columbia. The film was directed by George Miller and is 94 minutes in length. The film stars the acclaimed actor Keith Carradine as Harry Whitney, the father of young Toni Whitney who first discovers and adopts the young seal.

| 1994 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.7/10
Tina Majorino, Chelsea Field, Shane Meier, Aidan Pendleton
George Miller
Produced By
Donald Kushner, Peter Locke
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Also directed by George T. Miller, George Miller