Welcome to L.A.

"The City of the One Night Stands"
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This dramatic film examines the shallow life of Los Angeles songwriter Carroll Barber, who pursues his dream of bedding any woman he wants while being financially supported by his wealthy father. Even his father's own mistress isn't off-limits to Carroll, who also has one-night stands with his real estate agent, a businessman's wife, and countless others who are left feeling lonely and used after their encounters with the spiritually impoverished musician.

| 1976 | 1 hr 46 min | 6.2/10
Keith Carradine, Sally Kellerman, Geraldine Chaplin, Harvey Keitel
Alan Rudolph
Produced By
Robert Altman, Scott Bushnell, Robert Eggenweiler
Welcome to L.A.
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Also starring Sally Kellerman