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  • TV-14
  • 1997
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (67)

Fast Track is an action-packed television series that aired in 1997. The show follows the story of three racing drivers who take part in the high-speed and dangerous world of auto racing. The main character, Jack Tracy (played by Keith Carradine), is a former Formula One driver whose career was cut short due to an accident on the track. He now works as a test driver and advisor for a racing team, but he longs to get back on the track himself. His chance comes when he is recruited by a team owner to drive one of their cars in their bid to win the championship.

Joining Jack on the team is his former rival, Brazilian driver Luiz Santos (played by Duncan Regehr). Luiz is a flamboyant and charismatic driver whose reckless driving style often puts him in danger. He and Jack have a history of clashes on the track, but they must learn to work together if they want to win the championship.

The third member of the team is Sarah Davis (played by Brandy Ledford), a talented driver who is determined to prove herself in a male-dominated sport. She is the only female driver on the team and faces sexism and discrimination from some of her competitors. But with her skill and determination, she is determined to show that she can compete with the best of them.

Together, Jack, Luiz, and Sarah face a series of challenges on the track as they try to win the championship. They must navigate treacherous turns, avoid crashes, and outsmart their opponents. Along the way, they also face personal challenges and rivalries that threaten to tear the team apart.

The show features plenty of high-speed racing action, with thrilling car chases and heart-stopping crashes. But it also explores the personal lives of the characters, delving into their struggles and insecurities. Jack, Luiz, and Sarah must confront their own demons and learn to work together if they want to achieve their goals.

The show's cast is led by Keith Carradine, known for his roles in films like Nashville and The Duelists. He brings a brooding intensity to his role as Jack Tracy, capturing the character's determination and grit. Duncan Regehr is equally impressive as Luiz Santos, playing the character with a devil-may-care attitude that masks his true feelings. Brandy Ledford shines as Sarah Davis, bringing a fierce dedication to the character and making her a standout in a male-dominated world.

The show's production values are high, with impressive racing scenes and well-choreographed action sequences. The cinematography captures the intensity and excitement of the racing world, with fast-paced camerawork and dynamic editing.

Overall, Fast Track is an exciting and entertaining show that offers a unique look at the world of auto racing. It's a fast-paced thrill ride that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, while also exploring the personal struggles of its characters. With a talented cast and impressive production values, it's a must-see for fans of action-packed television.

Fast Track is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on August 2, 1997.

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Change of Heart
22. Change of Heart
March 18, 1998
Nicole decides to sell her half of Eagle Ridge to rival track owner Madsen. Beckett and Chandler team up to convince her not to sell.
Deconstructing Eagle Ridge
21. Deconstructing Eagle Ridge
March 11, 1998
Beckett's college friend, a television producer, visits the speedway to get Beckett's assistance in developing a television series set in the world of stock car racing.
Guys with Guns
20. Guys with Guns
March 4, 1998
When a blizzard immobilizes Eagle Ridge, two thugs rip-off the speedway's end of season receipts. But when one of them is injured they are forced to seek help and take Mimi hostage while they wait for Beckett to return home.
The Temptation of Dr. Beckett
19. The Temptation of Dr. Beckett
February 25, 1998
Mimi's long lost mother visits Eagle Ridge to attempt a reconciliation, but her surprise uncovers a family secret that only deepens their estrangement.
Jeff's Back
18. Jeff's Back
February 18, 1998
Beckett's estranged brother returns to Eagle Ridge only to be implicated as the prime suspect in the murder of one of Chandler's employees. Guest starring Robert Carradine.
Good Old Days
17. Good Old Days
February 11, 1998
When Beckett attends his first CONTRAC meeting as Chandler's partner, he suggests to the president that he'd like to see a race between legendary drivers. The president likes the idea so much that he hands Beckett the assignment of rounding up old-timers and making it happen.
Going Japanese
16. Going Japanese
February 4, 1998
Still in pursuit of a CONTRAC presidency, Chandler enlists Takeshta, mogul of a large Japanese company, to sponsor what has always been an All-American racing series.
Kat's Cradle
15. Kat's Cradle
January 28, 1998
With Jared (Douglas O'Keeffe) recuperating from a recent injury, Chandler brings in a rookie driver to sub for him, Kat Kiernan, who turns out to be hell-on-wheels, a wild, flirtatious party animal who drinks and carouses with the boys.
Real Time
14. Real Time
January 21, 1998
Beckett enjoys his quietest race day in weeks until a freak accident in a garage injures Dusty Stokes' wife and daughter, while Stokes is leading the Eagle Ridge 500 with just 100 laps to go.
Fighting Words
13. Fighting Words
January 14, 1998
Chandler, vying for the presidency of CONTRAC, works on a TV package the current organization's president hands him. He tries to boost TV coverage by fostering grudges between drivers.
Sibling Rivalry
12. Sibling Rivalry
November 29, 1997
When his father dies, Beckett prepares the funeral arrangements and finds his younger brother, Jeff (Robert Carradine). Mimi, who has put her relationship with Beckett on hold, is intrigued when she learns Jeff is charming but also trouble-and everyone but Beckett seems to know it.
Winners and Sinners
11. Winners and Sinners
November 22, 1997
Chandler lures a Formula One ex-champion to Eagle Ridge, but Beckett balks because the driver has a shady past. Meanwhile, Jared (Douglas O'Keeffe) and Stevie unmercifully haze the rookie, Kennedy (Randy J. Goodwin).
10. Triangle
November 15, 1997
Beckett and Chandler rekindle their friendship in a two-man race, just like the old days. Divorce procedures between Nicole and Chandler are coming to an end. And things are heating up between Beckett and Nicole, picking up where they left off 15 years ago.
Kennedy Gets a Ride
9. Kennedy Gets a Ride
November 8, 1997
When Kennedy (Randy J. Goodwin) wins a race, a driver he beat racially taunts him. Meanwhile, Nicole is in the midst of her divorce from Chandler as Beckett helps her bring photographic equipment into the studio she's renting from Chandler's speedway. Guest starring Larry Linville.
8. Combustion
November 1, 1997
On a scorching day at the race track, a hand grenade arrives in Chandler's pizza. Temperatures and tensions rise as Chandler seems to be fouling up Sheriff Lowell Carter's attempts to nab the perpetrator until security footage reveals potentially incriminating evidence.
The Whole Truth
7. The Whole Truth
October 25, 1997
When an up-and-coming driver dies in a fiery crash, Beckett and attorney Mimi find themselves on opposite sides of a lawsuit that puts the entire sport of racing on trial.
Fast Money
6. Fast Money
September 6, 1997
Financial troubles plague Servine Racing and one of the sponsors is worried. Meanwhile, Beckett continues to monitor Chandler's health, warning him to eliminate as much stress as he possibly can. But Chandler has no desire to, for he has big plans for his speedway's expansion.
Fathers and Sons
5. Fathers and Sons
August 30, 1997
Beckett and his surgeon father are reunited while attempting to save an aging driver in need of a liver transplant.
Laps of Faith
4. Laps of Faith
August 23, 1997
A former con man turned evangelist sets up his tent on the track's infield, arousing both suspicion and support.
The Race Fan
3. The Race Fan
August 16, 1997
Beckett is harassed by a lovesick teen whose mechanic father has illegally modified a racer's car.
Sweet Thunder
2. Sweet Thunder
August 2, 1997
Beckett hires bubble gum-chewing track brat Nando (Marc Daniel) as his assistant. In an intimate chat that grows hotter by the minute, Mimi questions Beckett about his history with Nicole and his rivalry with Chandler. Kennedy (Randy J. Goodwin), the track tow driver, who dreams of getting a ride, interrupts their liaison by bringing Moss' wrecked car for Beckett to examine.
Beckett's Return
1. Beckett's Return
August 2, 1997
Famed orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Beckett, returns to his home town of Eagle Ridge after boyhood friend and track owner, Chris Chandler, offers him a job as a safety and medical officer at the speedway. When a driver is killed in a crash at the track, Chandler needs Beckett for the job even more. But Beckett is more interested in finding out what caused the wreck than in signing a contract.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 2, 1997
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (67)