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In this drama series, Michael Landon plays an angel sent to Earth to help people in trouble work through their problems. Landon's angel gets help from a mortal partner, played by Landon's Little House on the Prairie co-star Victor French. The series aired from 1984 to 1989 on NBC.

5 Seasons, 110 Episodes
September 23, 1985
Cast: Michael Landon, Victor French
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Highway to Heaven Full Episode Guide

  • Mark believes that God has turned Jonathan into a dog. Meanwhile, he must contend with a runaway kid and the kid's scatterbrained mother.

  • A young man decides to institutionalize his brother who has been completely paralyzed and speechless for many years, against the wishes of their mother.

  • After having been scarred in a fire, an actress becomes a counselor at a summer camp for blind children. The camp is run by Jonathan and Mark's blind friend Frank.

  • The parents of two Vietnamese children come to America to look for them after a ten-year separation.

  • Mr. Zelinka is a beloved teacher who is being forced to retire because he's old. Jonathan and Mark know that he would prefer to continue teaching.

  • The problems of the handicapped are addressed when an amputee joins a crusade after a false fire alarm.

  • Mark attends his high school class reunion and learns that some memories are bittersweet for his old friends.

  • A veterans' support group becomes a lifeline for Commander Michaels, who continues to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, she discovers that her son David came into the emergency room due to an accident.

  • Jonathan helps Commander Michaels to deal with flashbacks of Vietnam; he also tries to convince her to go to therapy. Mark deals with his fear of flying.

  • Mark's friend is running for public office, and he's a very honest man. But things get out of hand when an opponent tries to win by going after his son.

  • A chauvinistic coach doesn't want a female wide receiver on his junior-high football team.

  • Jonathan must stop an angel who's back on Earth with the intention of breaking up his son's marriage.

  • Lee's cancer is now in remission. She gets back to work on her save-the-dolphins campaign.

  • Jonathan and Mark help a teenage cancer patient named Lee who wants to save the dolphins.

  • A Hawaiian singer learns to overcome self-pity after being disabled in a truck accident.

  • A war correspondent finds himself imprisoned and facing execution. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Mark show him what's he's missed during his life by putting work ahead of family.

  • After having been denied the chance to go to heaven and be with his wife, Jonathan becomes enraged and is turned into a mortal. He meets a young woman that offers him shelter and a chance to recover his lost faith and hope.

  • Jonathan hopes that he'll be released from his duties to be reunited with his former wife when she passes away.

  • Mark returns to Oakland to become a police officer again, and is reunited with his old partner. However, he discovers his old beat has become a storm of racial hatred.

  • A district attorney clashes with a lawyer who agrees to defend a friend charged with stealing.

  • A country doctor refuses to slow down and seems to be working himself to death.

  • Four brothers go on the run to escape a court order that would split them up.

  • At Christmastime, Jonathan and Mark try to get a divorced couple to work together for their son's sake. Meanwhile, the holiday may be in jeopardy when a department store Santa is arrested.

  • A cop is working undercover at a school to put an end to drug use, but faces suspension because of a mistake Mark has made.

  • The patriarch of a ranch family feels he's too old to rein in some wild horses.

  • Jonathan and Mark take on a system that keeps inmate mothers and their children apart.

  • A youngster turns to a fantasy world and a comic-book superhero to cope with the pain of his father's death.

  • Jonathan casts a retired comic and his movie-star son in a play about a father and son who never got to know each other.

  • On Halloween night, Jonathan helps a little boy get over his fears, and in the process, get even with his older sister!

  • Jonathan and Mark must help a doctor confront a secret he's kept from everyone, including his own family.

  • A trainer is reminded of his own shady past when a fighter he's been mentoring is asked to take a fall.

  • The orphan boy has formed an attachment to the dog, although he is going away to living with a new foster family.

  • A runaway dog unites a boy in an orphanage with its human family.

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