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Humans and dragons live in peaceful coexistence, but the world becomes unbalanced as more humans raise and keep dragons like pets. Enter 16-year-old Artha, chosen to become a mythical hero known as the Dragon Booster. With his mission to save the world from an impending dragon-human war, he is swept up in an incredible journey.

Dragon Booster is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on October 23, 2004.

Where do I stream Dragon Booster online? Dragon Booster is available for streaming on FilmRise, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dragon Booster on demand at Amazon Prime online.

3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 23, 2004
Cast: Matt Hill, Kathleen Barr
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Dragon Booster Full Episode Guide

  • Only one elimination challenge remains. When Artha gets badly hurt while fighting with the Shadow Booster, will he take part or will he quit?

  • Moordryd and Artha battle it out in the final academy race.

  • Will Moordryd's obsession with the academy and his secret identity get in the way of a friendship with Cain?

  • Parm must face a test to see if he is worthy of great power.

  • Lance learns that Moordryd is planning to use elite class gear to win in the survival dome challenge.

  • Word lures elite class hopefuls with the intention of turning the racers into an army of wraiths.

  • Moordryd's use of ancient mag techniques creates havoc on the track and jeopardizes the future of racing.

  • Our heroes band together to prevent Propheci from attacking Dragon City.

  • Word sets a trap to turn Artha and his crew into zombies.

  • Decepshun absorbs the dark Vyzox bone mark and finds a map to the spot where the deadly League of Eight is being held.

  • Someone is sabotaging the racers as they vie for the sole spot at the academy.

  • After being hit by Word's black neural gear, Artha and Beau switch bodies and prove they're a formidable team no matter what.

  • Connor's vendetta against Word threatens Artha's chances of winning the sole spot at the prestigious academy.

  • As the threat of Drakkus persists, Moordryd continues his search for the armor, and Mortis reveals his true identity to Dragon Booster.

  • Conflict erupts when Artha accuses Mortis of keeping him in the dark about an ancient warrior who is now on the loose.

  • Our heroes must stop Word's plan to transform stolen eggs into an army of black draconium dragons.

  • Our heroes question the motives of Rivett, a troublemaker who's hunting for the Horn of Libris.

  • When powerful stun gear falls into Moordryd's hands, he plans to use it to crush all opposition to his plans for a war between dragons and humans.

  • Our heroes get help from an unlikely source when Propheci plots to conquer Dragon City.

  • The heady allure of fame blinds Artha to the trap being set for him and Beau.

  • Dragon Booster and Beau are turned into wraiths subject to Word's control; Lance and Moordryd rely on each other when they're trapped together in the Old City Temple.

  • Artha draws on inner belief and lessons learned to conquer a daredevil leap of faith.

  • Artha and Lance must outrace their greatest fears if they're to escape the Shadow Track cave.

  • In a bid for world domination, Word poisons and enslaves Beau.

  • Parmon and Cyrano fall under the spell of the ancient blue fighter dragon Samurox.