Annanagar Mudhal Theru

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  • NR
  • 1988
  • 2 hr 14 min
  • 5.5  (25)

Annanagar Mudhal Theru is a Tamil film directed by Suresh Krishna and released in 1988. The movie showcases the struggle of a woman named Sheela (played by Ambika) who lives in Annanagar hoping to achieve her dreams while encountering hardships along the way. The movie sets off with Sheela's father arranging for her marriage with a wealthy businessman, Chandran (played by Janakaraj). However, when Sheela discovers Chandran's shady business dealings, she breaks off the engagement and sets out to earn a livelihood for herself.

She begins to work in a garment factory where she meets the kind-hearted and sincere Raja (played by Shivaji Ganesan's son, Prabhu Ganesan). Raja and Sheela develop a friendship that eventually turns into a romance, but their relationship faces obstacles due to the interference of Chandran and other complications.

Throughout the movie, Sheela experiences both triumphs and setbacks in her quest to become self-sufficient. She pursues her dreams of running her own business by starting a boutique but faces challenges from her competitors and external factors such as economic instability.

One of the notable aspects of this movie is its portrayal of women's empowerment and the obstacles they face in patriarchal societies. Sheela is depicted as a strong, independent woman who refuses to be confined by societal expectations of marriage and domesticity. This is particularly evident in her defiance of her father's wishes to marry a rich man, and her determination to make a name for herself in the face of adversity.

The performances by the actors are noteworthy, with Ambika excelling in her portrayal of Sheela. Her nuanced performance captures a range of emotions and highlights the various challenges and triumphs her character faces throughout the movie. Janakaraj and Venniradai Moorthy also deliver strong performances, portraying their respective characters with depth and complexity.

The movie is also notable for its blend of drama, romance, and social commentary. Its narrative is compelling, and the direction and cinematography are adept in capturing the emotional depth of the story.

Overall, Annanagar Mudhal Theru is a powerful movie that explores themes of women's empowerment and the struggles they face in patriarchal societies. The standout performances, direction, and compelling narrative make it a must-watch for fans of Tamil cinema.

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  • MPAA Rating
  • Runtime
    2 hr 14 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.5  (25)