Asawa Ko Huwag Mong Agawin

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"The other woman knows all about pleasure. The wife knows all about pain."
  • 1987
  • 2 hr 10 min
  •   (8)

Asawa Ko Huwag Mong Agawin is a 1987 Filipino drama film directed by Carlo J. Caparas and starring Vilma Santos, Amalia Fuentes, and Eddie Gutierrez. The film features a romantic and familial storyline that explores the concept of adultery and its consequences within a relationship. The movie revolves around the story of Rosenda (Vilma Santos), a devoted wife and mother who is content with her simple life. She has been married to Mario (Eddie Gutierrez) for over a decade and together they have a young son. Their lives take an unexpected turn when Mario's former flame, Lenny (Amalia Fuentes), reappears and tries to reclaim Mario's love and affection.

Lenny, a wealthy and glamorous woman, is still in love with Mario and tries her best to get him back. She uses her charm and money to lure Mario, who is initially reluctant but eventually succumbs to her advances. Rosenda, sensing that something is wrong, confronts Mario about his affair with Lenny. However, he denies it and insists that he is not cheating on her.

As the story unfolds, we witness the emotional turmoil and conflict experienced by Rosenda. Vilma Santos delivers an incredibly moving performance as the betrayed wife and mother who struggles to keep her family together amidst the chaos. Her character is depicted as a loving and devoted woman who is willing to do everything in her power to save her marriage and protect her child.

Amalia Fuentes, on the other hand, portrays the character of Lenny with equal conviction and depth. Her character is shown as a woman who is bitter and determined to get what she wants at any cost. Eddie Gutierrez's role as Mario is also noteworthy, as he portrays a man who struggles with his past and present desires.

The film's direction by Carlo J. Caparas is well-crafted, and the cinematography is beautiful, capturing the stunning landscapes of the Philippines. The music composed by George Canseco is also a highlight, as it adds an emotional depth to the film's poignant scenes.

Overall, Asawa Ko Huwag Mong Agawin is a powerful drama that explores complex themes of love, infidelity, and betrayal. The film's exceptional performances by the lead actors, particularly Vilma Santos, make it a must-watch for fans of Filipino cinema.

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