Bajo la Sal

"Some things should be kept beneath."

A murder mystery movie, Bajo la Sal focuses on police commander Trujillo. The movie focuses on Trujillo's transfer to the small town of Santa Rosa de la Sal where a series of grisly and gruesome murders continue to confuse the local police department and spread fear and terror into the local population. While in Santa Rosa de la Sal, investigating the murders and their connection the local salt mine, Trujillo meets a young boy called Victor Zepeda. A lonely young boy, Zepeda makes money working in his father's funeral home. However, commander Trujillo later discovers that Zepeda has a love of making animated horror movies. Taking this into consideration, Trujillo begins an investigation into the boy that leads him to believe that this lonely young boy may actually be the gruesome murderer that the town has long feared.

| 2008 | 2 hr 6 min | 6.8/10
Mario Munoz
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Bajo la Sal

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