"A search for justice."
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This stunningly beautiful motion picture tells a tale of brotherly love, corruption, and circumstances that lead to a dirty, gruesome murder. Aditya is a former officer in the military, who has as of recent been labeled a deserter after abandoning his post. He is very close with his loving brother, Anuj. One day the two brothers get into a very heated argument, and Anuj runs away after feeling extremely disrespected. Aditya is heartbroken and decides to set out and locate his missing brother. Tragically, he comes to the shocking realization that his brother has been killed. A woman named Ramona is on the hunt to help Aditya find his brother's killers.

2004 | 2 hr 43 min | 5.9/10
Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Rahul Dev, Riteish Deshmukh
E. Nivas
Produced By
Vijay Galani, Pooja Galani
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Also directed by E. Nivas, E. Niwas

Also starring Lara Dutta