Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back

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Phillip Rhee is back for a third installment in this trilogy as Tommy Lee, only this time it's personal. A trip out west to visit a family member puts Tommy smack in the middle of a race war between a white supremacist (Donnie Hansen) and his gang, one that he soon realizes that he can't avoid. The name of the town is Liberty, but you would not know it by the stranglehold that the locals are facing because of the unwelcome supremacist gang. Tommy tries to keep out of the local drama, but the fact that his sister is married to the sheriff makes it difficult and eventually he is forced to take a stand.

The local black Reverend turns up missing after his church burns to the ground, and the supremacist gang is the primary suspect. After Tommy and his sister take a trip to town to buy some ice cream, the group finds themselves confronted by masked attackers. Things did not turn out the way the attackers planned as Tommy held nothing back, making quick work of the offending attackers. If the people of Liberty knew who the attackers were, they were not talking, which meant that once again the Sheriff was coming up empty handed. The madness continues as members of the gang try to increase their ranks at a local carnival, only to collide with Tommy Lee one more time.

As Tommy tries to take matters into his own hands and does a little research on his own, he discovers that the haters are stock piling guns as though they are getting ready for a war. Produced and directed by Tommy Lee, this third installation is as action packed as the other two. Full of drama and intrigue, viewers will be sitting on the edge of their seats and once again rooting for Tommy to take down the bad guys. Look for well known actors like Christopher McDonald as the Sheriff, (Tommy's brother in law) Gina Gershon (Margo Preston) and Peter Simmons as Donnie Hansen, the confused recruit.

| 1995 | 1 hr 30 min | 4.8/10
Phillip Rhee, Christopher McDonald, Gina Gershon, Mark Rolston
Phillip Rhee
Produced By
Phillip Rhee, Peter Strauss
Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back
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Also starring Christopher McDonald