Black and White in Color

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Black and White in Color is a war comedy movie. It is set in Africa. This comedy movie is about the mishaps of two army units in Africa. One of them is French and the other is German. Communication is slow in the area and news is often months behind the times. The French learn they are supposed to be at war with the Germans. They attempt to recruit the locals to fight their German friends because they believe it is their duty.

There are many reasons to fight wars. The French soldiers believe their cause is just because it is their duty and recruit locals to help fight their German friends.

| 1976 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.8/10
Jean Carmet, Jacques Dufilho, Catherine Rouvel, Jacques Spiesser
Jean-Jacques Annaud
Black and White in Color
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Also starring Jean Carmet

Also starring Jacques Dufilho