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"Some Men Are Born To Be Heroes."
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Enemy At The Gates is a war drama that was released in 2001. Enemy At The Gates tells the story of Vassily Zaitsev, played by Jude Law, who is a soldier in the Red Army. Before he became a soldier, Zaitsev was a similar shepherd living in the mountains who gave little thought to war or politics. Zaitsev is sent to attack the invading German forces because he has excellent marksmanship skills. While on this mission, Zaitsev impresses his superiors with his skill and saves his commander from death. His commander decides to publish tales of Zaitsev’s heroics in the local newspaper so that people will read it and feel as if they are winning the war. He also believes that when people hear about Zaitsev their morale will be boosted.

Zaitsev becomes an official Red Army sniper and his and commander begin to become good friend. Trouble arises when they both fall in love with the same woman, Tania. Zaitsev is so skilled at klling German soldiers that the German army dispatches one of their top majors to go after Zaitsev especially. Major Konig manages to get Zaitsev into a trap and kill two of the Red Army’s snipers. He does not get Zaitsev though because he manages to escape. Zaitsev manages to find one of Konig’s former students and gets him to help him go after Konig. Konig manages to turn the tables on the two and he kills his former student. Zaitsev is so shocked by Konig’s skill and his confidence is shaken.

Around this time, Tania asks to become a sniper as well. Zaitsev and his commander do their best to persuade her from joining but they allow her to do so when Tania reveals that she wants to avenge the murder of her parents. Zaitsev again tries to set a trap for Konig but fails. Konig tricks Zaitsev again by telling an informant about where he will be. Konig sees Zaitsev and Tania waiting for him. Zaitsev’s commander sacrifices himself by revealing his location so that Konig will shoot him. Konig kills the commander but he thinks it is Zaitsev that he has killed. When he is inspecting the body, he discovers that he has been tricked. He tries to flee but it is too late and Zaitsev successfully kills him. The German forces are successfully defeated and Tania and Zaitsev are able to continue their relationship.

| 2001 | 2 hr 11 min | 7.6/10 | 53/100
Jude Law, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, Joseph Fiennes
Jean-Jacques Annaud
Produced By
Jean-Jacques Annaud, John D. Schofield

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